Your Brain And Your Blood Type


There are many different factors that contribute to brain health including genetics, diet, lifestyle, physical activity and more. Now, new research has shown that your blood type may actually contribute to your brain health as well. As you age and your cognitive abilities decline, paying attention to your blood type may actually give you the edge that you need to stay alert and informed.

Ricardo Tosto told me that you can go to this blog, to read the discussion about  studies completed by the University Of Vermont showed that people with the blood type AB are actually at a higher risk of developing cognitive impairments later on in life. This data was collected from 30,000 adults that were over the age of 45.

Researchers have not yet determined why blood type increases the risk of cognitive impairment but the risk is real and may contribute to an overall risk for stroke or heart attack. There have been other studies that have concluded that blood type affects a person’s brain. People with Type A blood are prone to having obsessive compulsive disorder while people with Type O blood may be at a higher risk for developing depression and anxiety.

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