Worldwide Travel Alert

There is a worldwide travel alert currently being issued by the United Statea. Americans should avoid visiting civilian facilities during Christmas and New Year’s. It is the first worldwide travel alert that has been imposed this year. This alert is coming from the events that occurred in Sydney and the North Korean attack on Sony.

It is rare for the United States to issue a travel alert this year. It has been fairly calm in the recent years since the September 11 attacks. Right after September 11, there were many travel alerts issued. Americans were taking precautions when choosing to travel both through domestic and international flights. This travel alert should be taken seriously, because it may be the United States knows private information. Not all information is released to Americans especially when it comes to terrorists.
This travel alert is not really that useful because, it does not state a specific country. It is vague on the location. The best thing Americans can do is to avoid going to the places the State Department has announced and just read the feeds on Twitter were you will be bound to receive more details than what public officials are giving us. Tourist areas are popular target places, but it can happen anywhere. Travel must continue this holiday season but, with safety measures being taken.Terrorists know that Americans will be traveling all over the world. Americans cannot avoid traveling, but they can leave if the area looks questionable. Americans should register with the U.S. Embassy prior to travel.

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