Women Financial Support and Advice

NexBank is a financial institution that has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The bank offers a variety of services such as commercial banking, mortgage banking and also provide institutional services. It was an existing bank that was acquired by the Highland capital’s partners in 2004 and renamed to Nexbank.

Commercial banking involves the supporting of business and other institutions with their suitable banking services and solutions for them to be able to operate. It Includes financial advice, management of funds among other services. In mortgaging banking, they focus on creating long-term connections between their clients and their partners. They also understand that the market is dynamic and thus keep updating their services. Institutional services include teller services to clients and partners such as bank accounts, ATM services, among others.

NexBank is a regional bank which boasts of assets of about 6.4 billion dollars. It is the 12th largest bank in the state of Texas and 179th largest bank in the nation. It was established in the year 1934 under a different name and is now has 87 years of experience in the banking industry. It has about 90 employees in its three branches across the region.

It is also involved in charitable events such as donations and service to the community. They had pledged to hand out 2 million dollars to charity in a time of 18 months. They were recently the proud sponsors of Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon that took place in Texas. The foundation is involved in the economic empowerment of women and girls. The event broadcasted to 20 schools across the whole region of Texas in a bid to reach the young girls.

The Nexbank also offers support to the Dallas Women Foundation through economic security and leadership in a move to help advance the foundation. It is through investment advice and having guest speakers to talk to the women and girls about finances. One of the guest and motivational speakers invited at the event was Dr. Hope Jahren, an award-winning scientist who also is a book best-selling author. She featured in the Top 100 influential people by the Time Magazine.

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