Will Creed Be A Knock Out At The Box Office

There are few movies made that leave a lasting impression through out several generations, so it is safe to say that the original Rocky movie is one of the greatest sport movies of all time. This movie has inspired countless people by using something that everyone roots for. Rocky as an underdog story shaped people and encouraged them to try even if they failed.

After many years and many reincarnations the Rocky franchise is back with a new reboot. Some people might have forgotten that Apollo Creed which died in the ring had a son. Well that son is all grown up and he is ready to step up and reclaim his fathers legacy. In this new installment Rocky will train Apollo Creed’s son in order to make him into a true champion. Fans will be disappointed that Rocky will not face anyone but it seems that this movie and maybe the ones that follow will lead to a transition where Rocky no longer is around.

As a true fan I hope the new Rocky franchise will be a true success so that in the future film makers will gladly produce more movies in this underdog universe. This is what Sergio Cortes is hoping for as well. The underdogs are rooting for Rocky and Apollo Creed’s son as well.

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