Why IAP Worldwide Purchased Business Units from DRS Technologies

Recently, IAP Worldwide Services purchased two business units from DRS Technologies in an attempt to expand their offerings. Offering a lending hand to those who become victim to natural disasters and those who need help with logistics are able to call on IAP when times are tough. DRS Technologies, and aviation and logistics company located in Oklahoma offer aircraft repair management. When disaster strikes this is often needed when aircraft are the main source of transportation. Oftentimes an aircraft may become the focal point of hope at a time when flooding occurs or other natural disasters. This is why IAP is a household name with the military as well as cities and states.

IAP Worldwide Services is an organization that chooses not to be hindered by the services they offer. This is one of the main reasons they chose to purchase these units from DRS. The number of organizations that they can assist as well as their own addressable market will benefit tremendously due to their acquisition. The benefit of the aviation side was just one part of how IAP is getting better traction. Additionally, the communications piece that is a part of this transaction will also benefit them tremendously. National Security has been a big concern, and this is another area in which IAP can benefit the world.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

Expanding their portfolio of services is a great business move, but for IAP it’s all about people too. Without the people, nothing worthwhile can happen. IAP Worldwide Services has been providing services on an international level for more than 60 years. IAP has been serving the U.S. government as well as international government agencies during this timeframe. Seasoned program management is essential in order for welcome change to occur in their business as well as in their marketplace. While their corporate office is located in Florida, IAP currently operates out of more than 100 locations within 20 countries around the world.

Global security has been a growing need over the last 12 years. As more natural disaster occur, there is also a need for their services in this are as well. This acquisition comes at a peak time when security is being reviewed in the United States and abroad.

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