What Eric Pulier is Planning to Do

Eric Pulier is a brilliant and multi-faceted entrepreneur. He is also one of the most published philanthropists and entrepreneur. He has worked extra hard to have the world impacted in a positive manner. In 1984, he graduated from high school with a vision to become the world best technologist. Because he passed with flying colors, he went on to pursue a technology degree at the University of Harvard. He decided to change his career to study American literature and English. Since then, he has marked his life as the only source of help those who are economically disadvantaged. For this reason, he has led numerous campaigns to assist many American children suffering from various chronic conditions and illnesses in the country.


In the technology industry, he is at the forefront in fostering technology advancements. When he was still working at the university, he was awarded as the best student journalist for writing the Harvard Crimson regular column. He has also explored numerous topics in the investment and technology industry with a sense of humor and keen interest. When he graduated from Harvard University, he moved to Los Angeles and founded the Doing Things Company. This is a firm with the focus on developing healthcare and technological innovation. In 1994, he founded the People Doing Things Company.


The People Doing Things Company was focused on providing innovation and technology to the education and healthcare sectors in the country. The Digital Evolution Company is another firm founded by Eric Pulier in 1994. This is an interactive that later merged with the United States Interactive in 1997. In 1997, Eric Pulier was chosen to provide technological advancements to aid the presidential elections in the country. For this reason, he came up with the most sophisticated presidential technology exhibit.


In the technology world, Eric Pulier has made a better business devolvement. He has founded more than 15 companies since he was a teenager. Most of the world-class technology companies have aided towards the vision of the United States American dream. He was also chosen as one of the most innovative 30 e-visionaries in the country.



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