Watch Out For Depressing Jobs

In a recent study that was done by the Journal of social psychiatry and psychiatric etymology it was suggested that some jobs may be contributors to high amounts of depression. It was interesting to note that industries with the highest of depression.with public transit, real estate, social work, personal services, legal services and publishing. There are some things that the jobs that have the highest amount of depression have in common. They all involve interactions with customers that may be stressful or problematic. The industries in which there was the lowest amount of depression were recreation services, highway construction, and coal mining, according to profiles on Linkedin that Ben Shaoul had been studying.

It seems like the jobs that involve a less amount of contact with people and more physical movements contribute to a person being more content working and that means less prone to depression. It is a good idea to investigate more into this study in order to find ways to make these jobs less stressful on those that are carrying them out. It is is smart to look at the jobs that may cause a person to be depressed before a person decides to go into a certain career. Even though person should try going into a career that is going to be best for them, at the same time a person’s mental health is of utmost importance.

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