Visual Search Company Slyce Comes Out With Exciting New Features

Changes In Shopping Industry Over Decades

It is really impressive what technology has done for the shopping industry over the past few decades. The advertising industry surely saw a great day and age when their business evolved from newspaper ads to radio ads to television advertisements, and they saw another boost when the home computer was invented. In this same way, the shopping industry and retail market has seen a huge surge in their profitability over the past few decades since the Internet was invented. The Internet created a new market for online shopping where consumers could purchase anything they could imagine. They would just need to do a few searches with the right keywords in order to find what they want to buy.

This idea of online shopping is oversimplified because it usually takes some digging and detective work in order to find the item that you are really looking for online, and so many times people are left with something that they did not really want. In an article from Live Mint, a consumer explains how she has gotten some really poor products from online shopping because the items were the wrong size. The day and age of this difficult, keyword driven online shopping experience is coming to a close, and we are all welcoming in the age of visual search shopping.

The visual search recognition company called Slyce is leading this market, and they are making some big leaps in the way that the visual search and image recognition software works. They have already unveiled Slyce Link. This is one of their newest features on their platform, and it aims to help consumers see real, accurate recommendations that they will want to purchase. This will also increase the profit for retailers, of course.

Retailers are excited to see what companies like Slyce have to offer. The retail end of the online shopping community is always uncertain about what products are trending. The fashion and retail industries have been hard to judge, and they have gotten even harder to understand as online shopping rose to where it is now. Slyce is providing real analytic data to retailers in order to help them prepare for consumer needs. Consumers don’t like to see that their products are out of stock, but Slyce Link does help to remedy some of this problem by providing great recommendations.

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