Vijay Eswaran Proves Inspiration Comes From Different Places

The most successful entrepreneurs often explain how they fell in love with the area of business they find fame and fortune in at a young age and charted their path forwards throughout their lives. Vijay Eswaran brings hope to those of us that have yet t discover their passion by revealing he was introduced to multi level marketing techniques after completing a degree and heading out into the real World to find his own way in life. Eswaran was, in fact, working as a taxi driver in London when he discovered the marketing techniques that wold eventually lead to the founding of his successful multinational QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran didn’t simply rest on his laurels after finding the techniques that he would use in his marketing empire, instead he set out to learn as much as possible about marketing in a bid to develop the skills needed to understand every aspect of his new business. The entrepreneur headed to the US and Southern Illinois University to understand marketing better and worked part time in the US with a multilevel marketing company to gain valuable experience he would eventually bring back to his own company and the work completed across Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Everything about the approach to business and the philanthropy that has raised the profile of both Eswaran and the QI Group is unique and individual. In his 2005 book, The Sphere of Silence, Eswaran revealed he employed an ancient Hindu yoga technique that allows him to meditate and remain in silence for prolonged periods of time. Sharing this relaxation technique in the book and in a series of talks and seminars, Eswaran revealed meditation allows him to focus on the aspects of his life that are the most important. Business people can benefit from this technique in Eswaran’s eyes as they can simply focus on what is important and not the stresses of modern life, such as international problems and the use of electronics that divide the focus in a negative way.

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