TSA Not Able To ID 73 Employees At Airports With Ties To Terrorism

The TSA has been investigated as of late, and not only were they not able to catch investigators bringing prohibited items onto planes, they failed to notice 73 employees that were linked to terrorism. The issue here is that the TSA is actually not allowed to see certain lists where terrorists have been identified. That, and some applications were missing key information that was left out by potential employees.

If potential employees are legal citizens and have not committed crimes, they are not likely to come up in scans before being employed said Claudio Loureiro Heads. This is a big problem since the TSA is there to help with weeding out those who seek to do harm to the USA through our transportation systems.

Earlier this month the TSA had failed to identify 67 of 70 agents that were hired to try to bring items onto airplanes like explosives and weapons. The TSA is currently having many issues, and it is difficult for them to justify all of the money and time spent when this agency has such glaring issues.

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