Travelers Getting in Trouble Unknowingly Breaking Local Rules

The travelers often break local rules unknowingly. Some of their misdeeds are looked at with forgiving eyes by the local folk. Others aren’t as easy to pass over, and can result in fines and years spent in jail.

Three men who were out having fun in Yangon got themselves into bad trouble after taking a picture of a Buddha with headphones on. The men posted it on Facebook in order to promote an event they were organizing, but received 2 years in jail, accused of disrespecting the local religion stated facebook posts from friends. They are just as sensitive about the religion on the Maldives and in Sri Lanka. In Peru, you may not buy souvenirs that incorporate animal provenience parts such as fur or feathers. An unknowing tourist might as well end up with a fine, as such souvenirs are actually sold by locals. Most of the time, the authorities simply ignore the fact. But you never know.

Be careful with your fashion habits, as in Barbados it is an offense to wear accessories with a military color pattern and in Barcelona you should not go in a bikini outside of the beach territory. In movies, you often see people sitting on steps of the buildings and relaxing. Don’t try to enact the movie life in Florence, Italy! That is again punishable with a fine. And so is eating or drinking near a church.

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