Tom Rothman: Sony’s Next Co-Chairman?

There has been a shake-up at one of the world’s most renowned Hollywood studios. Sony pictures have produced some mega hits such as Men in Black and The Amazing Spider-Man under the helm of co-chairman, Amy Pascal. In May, Pascal will be moving on to a new post in the Sony hierarchy to produce films instead. With her imminent departure, there has been a swirl of speculation as to who will fill her role. Several names have bubbled up including that of Tom Rothman. As reported by the Los Angeles Times,  Tom Rothman is the leading contender for the coveted position.

Tom Rothman brings decades of film industry experience to the table, with his own list of wildly popular and trend setting hits such as Avatar and Titanic. Both movies were box office smash hits. Avatar is considered one of the most cutting edge films of the twenty first century. Tom Rothman has worked with big named talent and Hollywood royalty, including James Cameron, who is the director for the aforementioned movies.

Oscar-winning movies such as “The Descendants” and “Black Swan” were produced under the Fox Searchlight division, which was founded by Tom Rothman. He was also one of the first presidents to spearhead that initiative. While at Fox Filmed Entertainment he rose to the post of chairman and chief executive officer before being let go in 2012.

Los Angeles Times further reports that Sony insiders believe the next co-chairman will come from inside the Culver City studio. If this is the case, Mr. Rothman is on that list as well. In 2013 he was picked by Michael Lynton, Sony Pictures Chairman and Chief Executive and Amy Pascal to head the Sony TriStar film brand in hopes of putting it back on the road to box office success. Read the full Los Angeles Times article by following the link below.

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