The World’s Best Cleaning Service

Handy the cleaning service, has definitely cornered the market for being such a young company. Three years to be exact. Handy is now worth $500 million. Oisin Hanrahan who attended the Web Summit in Ireland, said that he has a lot to thank New Yorkers for, they are partly responsible for his success. Oisin was born in Ireland, so he was more than elated to go to his country and for the opportunity to see his college friend. These friend once collaborated on two business ventures.

Oisin said at an interview, when he came to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue an MBA he had two roommates, one was very messy. The other became his business partner. They managed to come up with $50,000 but thought the Boston was not feasible to began a company like Handy, so they move to New York. He added that there were competition in New York but nothing like Handy. It far surpassed the rest, they just focus on one best for the company.

The employees who work for Handy works when they may need extra money and have the flexibility of scheduling their own time. For the customers they have piece of mind in knowing they can schedule appointments at their convenience, while knowing that the person who show up is reliable and trustworthy. Oisin says the company is in a good place, stressing that their plans are to keep working with clients in the New York area. The founders are beaming with pride since Amazon former executive and Tumblr former engineer came aboard.

Handy contractors are friendly and professional. They go through a background check. The company has a 100% built money back guarantee that says, if a customer is not satisfied with the job that was done, they will be refunded. They stress “no question asked”.

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