The Success of the Fashion and Technology Industries in the Eyes of Chris Burch

Christopher Burch has a over 40 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He has helped more than 50 companies reach their highest success. Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, a company that is an expression of his vision and values or new market opportunities. He contributes his imagination and creativity to help lead disruptive brands and businesses to have a lasting impact on consumers’ lives.


Mr. Burch’s was still an undergraduate at Ithaca College in 1976 when his success in the business industry began. He and his brother invested $2,000 to start a business called Eagle’s Eye Apparel, a business that grew to $165 million before they sold it. In 2011, Chris launched C. Wonder, a home decor retail that also features apparel and accessories.

In his spare time, Burch also participates in fundraisers and social work groups.


Chris Burch notices the modern day changes that the fashion and technology industries have made. As time went on, technology became more fashionable, and fashion became technologically fashionable. It’s almost as if the two have merged together. Kids used to walk around with a Walkman to play music, and since then we have seen nothing short of huge improvements with the invention of the iPod.


Fashion and technology have helped one another out for years and that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Models recently wore Google Glass on a catwalk, the eye glasses are powered by the android operating system and can take photos or videos. Wearing these glasses on the catwalk presented people with questions of both fashion and technology trends. As you can see, technology and fashion work hand in hand and without one the other would not be as successful. A businessman named Soledad Martin has even been working on a new type of shoes that will charge your cell phone while you walk or run. This can also help motivate people to exercise. The impressive advances to technology and fashion have helped make our lives a little easier.

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