The Real Reason Vaping Is Bad

On Wednesday, January 28, California health officials publicly announced that use of electronic cigarettes, or the nicotine consumption process called vaping, may be seriously bad for people’s health. E-cigarettes release 10 toxins when the nicotine in the cartridges used for them is burnt. Although there is not yet enough study on the long-term effects, and e-cigarettes are considerably less toxic than normal cigarettes, California health officials insist that federal regulators need to do more about controlling these products and advertising related to these products.

Although they are making a wonderful point, the bigger reason that regulators need to do more with controlling distribution of these products is because the companies that make them are targeting children.

In 2010, California ended sales of e-cigarettes to minors, but many states still allow minors to purchase them. The worst part is that the companies know this and have developed flavors like gummy bear and cotton candy.

Since seven cases in 2012, researchers have seen a jump of e-cigarette poisonings in children younger than 5 years old to 154 cases in 2014. Mark Sparks agrees that, until controls are in place, vaping is far too great a risk to young children. Although they can’t burn down a house accidentally by picking up an active e-cigarette, young children are experiencing more poisonings as a result of the nicotine addiction of parents and other adults at a far greater rate than with real cigarettes.

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