The Man Behind The Lens of My Favorite Celebs: Terry Richardson

I first learned about Terry Richardson on Twitter, when I saw Lady Gaga retweet his account.

Then I was checking out some of his music videos on Vimeo, and I realized that I’d already seen a lot of this guy’s work.  That even prompted me to buy one of his books, because, as it turns out, he’s a really brilliant photographer.

Terry Richardson, who is 49 years old, is a famous and well known photographer all over the world. He was born and raised in New York. He came from a creative family with his mother being an actress and his father, a fashion photographer.

He first started out with a career in music. He played the guitar and played in numerous bands over the years in New York. During this time, he was given his first camera by his mother. He used his camera to take numerous pictures of life in New York and of the rock and roll night life of New York City. His career in photography began in the mid 90’s in New York.

He soon got his first big break to do a fashion shoot. Then as he did more photo shoots and started taking more pictures, he began to develop a reputation for taking pictures in very sexual and provocative ways. His career started taking off.

As the years went by, his career grew bigger and bigger. He soon found he was getting opportunities to photograph famous and controversial actors, musicians, Hollywood entertainers, and some of the most beautiful models in the world.

This eventually pushed him into the big leagues. He was getting hired by famous designers to do their photo shoots, advertising, and commercials. He was doing photo shoots for magazines ads, and even got the opportunity to take photos of the President.

As he became more famous, everyone seemed to be talking about him. His name seemed to be mentioned all over Hollywood, New York, and Europe. Not just for his great work, but for his reputation for his sexual and erotic books, but for his erotic and risqué photos. He was however also recognized for having an eye for getting great shots from the people he takes pictures of, even with the unusual and erotic sexual poses and situations.

His next projects was arts exhibits. He had done a lot of art work and his artwork has been in many showings over a span of many years.
He has written several books that did very well in the book publishing world. They have sold very well, although they all had the common thread of sexuality in each one, including partial and front nudity. One of his books even showed pictures of sexual acts in various positions and doing lots of various things. They have been very controversial but very successful.

He has been directing videos since late 1998 -1999. Most of hid directorial works were not that well known or famous until the last couple of years. Some of his most recent and famous work that is most known by people in the would be the video of Miley Cyrus’s “wrecking ball.” It was highly controversial and questionable because of her young age. It did bring a lot of attention and much discussion to his directorial work. He also has done famous videos for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga as well as a documentary on Lada Gaga and R. Kelly, and a video for Taylor Swift. He is also responsible for the famous video of Kate Upton dancing in her bikini that was all over the internet.

He also had done a lot of photo shoots for Playboy and is currently working on a Playboy shoot that will be one hundred pages long and is set to come out in mid 2015.

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