The Life and Times of Sam Tabar

People are always asked when they are children what they wish to be when they grow up. The answers vary, with some of the most common answers being police officer, firefighter, doctor, nurse or star athlete. Attorney and capital strategist usually aren’t on the list, but after looking at the life Sam Tabar has led that may change.

 Sam Tabar has cultivated his interests into a life and career most people would envy. Very talented academically, Sam was accepted into the prestigious Oxford University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated with Honors near the top of his class. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, Sam decided he wanted to study law and was accepted into Columbia Law School.

Tabar’s eye for business  was first noticed when he became Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. This allowed Sam to gain further expertise in business law, And today, his business acumen is widely recognized by the mainstream, in fact, just last week CNBC released an article revealing Sam Tabar’s investment tips for the new year.

Due to his performance at Columbia, Sam was in high demand by a number of the world’s most influential law firms. After much consideration, Sam chose to accept an Associate position with the firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP and worked with clients on a number of issues related to hedge funds.

For three years, Sam counseled clients on such topics as hedge fund structure and formation, compliance issues, employment situations and many other topics. Yet while he excelled in his position, he wanted to do more with hedge funds, which is how Tabar became a key player in structural hedge fund development initiatives with the Sparx Group where he was responsible for a $2 billion project. Working with both individuals and institutional investors, Sam eventually compiled a list of almost 2,500 investors for the fund. Along with this, he helped his firm raise well over $1 billion in additional assets, which led to him being given even greater responsibility. In fact, Sam became so valuable to the business that its founding partners and CEO asked him to be actively involved in many of the firm’s major decisions regarding business development and investor relations.

The life of Sam Tabar has been one filled with challenges and accomplishment, and is one that will continue to be fascinating in the years ahead. Fluent in a variety of foreign languages including French and Japanese. I keep up with Sam through Twitter and currently he expects to continue his world travels while also staying actively involved in hedge fund management. Always a man that never turns away from hard work, the years ahead of Sam promise to be filled with continued challenges that he will conquer.

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