The Life and Career of Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan has dabbled in the field of media, sports, entertainment and business. He is the current CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This company engages in media activities, sports and entertainment advisory services. In addition to his CEO role, Brian holds the position of Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media and Telecommunications Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
Over his 30 year career, Brian Mulligan has held a number of roles. He has been a chief executive officer, a chairman, chief operating officer and even a chief financial officer for a number of media and entertainment companies. He has held managerial positions in Universal Pictures, Universal Television, Fox broadcasting and cable and Boston Consulting.
As an Executive Officer at the Joseph E Seagram and Sons Company, Mr. Mulligan was tasked with the corporate, financial and strategic business functions. He moved to Cerbus Capital management in 2004 where he was made the Senior Executive Adviser for media and entertainment. Mulligan played the role of Executive adviser at Boston Consulting Group where he worked for a short stint. The BCG Company engages in management and consultations.
His thirst for media was quenched at Universal Studios where he was the financial controller before becoming the executive vice president. He proceeded to work at Fox Television where he served as the chairman and consultant in the division of the news corporation Limited. From his position, he was able to manage the television stations of Fox Group, Fox sports, the Fox Cable Network Group and the rest of the business operations for the network. His experience in the media industry enabled him to establish the universal Partners, a group that was formed for the sole purpose of acquiring Universal Entertainment.
Brian attributes all his success to his hard work, studies and his strong character. He also claims that the skills he acquired in his various positions prepared him for the roles he currently plays. He has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Brian received his masters in Business Administration degree from John E Anderson Graduate School of Management in Los Angeles.
Mr. Mulligan involves himself in charity causes that are aimed at the social development of the community. He has been involved in A Better LA, which helps raise money for schools. In addition, he is a huge supporter of arts, media and entertainment sector. Mr. Mulligan is also an author and has a blog that he frequently uses to inspire and inform his readers.

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