The Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato Fabletics Collection

Fans that are looking for athletic clothing may be able to get in on the limited edition collection that Demi Lovato is bringing forth. Kate Hudson knows that when fans become part of the VIP group that they are going to be loyal. This loyal customer base can easily become fans of the Demi Lovato collection as well.


The great thing about this Fabletics brand is that it is available to more people now that Kate Hudson has expended the garments to also include plus sizes. This means that Demi Lovato is coming in at a good time where are the clothing line is available for a wider assortment of customers. This could be the start of a great partnership that Kate Hudson can utilize to promote the brand.


Demi Lovato is the first to have a limited edition, but she certainly may not be the last. It is very possible that Demi Lovato could be the springboard for other celebrities that want to get in on the great things that Fabletics is doing. Chrissy Teigen has already expressed her love for Fabletics, and it is certainly a possibility that more celebrities that are friends of Kate Hudson may come forth with the same desire. What Demi Lovato she wanted to do something where the proceeds will go towards a charity. She is passionate about helping others, and all of the proceeds from the sales of the limited edition clothing that she has will go towards the School Cycle program.


It really shows that Kate Hudson knew what she was doing when she decided to add Demi Lovato to her line up. She has been in business for several years now, and she knows what it takes to get more people interested in her brand. She has devised some plans that are very solid when it comes to marketing, and it gets no better than building a marketing campaign with Demi Lovato. She is a young hot talent that is currently on tour with Nick Jonas. This gives her a whole new platform to bring her to millions of fans.

The great thing about the partnership is that Demi Lovato can promote the brand through her social media, but she doesn’t have to dedicate all her time to promoting Fabletics. Kate Hudson is the co-founder that has already put her entertainment career on the back burner in order to promote the site as a whole. This is something that Demi Lovato can benefit from because she is still performing on the front line and bringing customers in, but Kate Hudson can manage things and continue to market the Demi Lovato collection as well as the entire Fabletics brand on her own. This definitely gives her a competitive advantage over many other clothing stores that do not have the celebrity appeal. Demi and Kate can created a great partnership that can thrive. They have been very vocal about their clothing line, and fans are incredibly receptive of what they are doing.

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