The Gem With Many Sparkling Facets Is James Dondero

Mr. James Dondero is more than the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management company. He stepped into that position with experience, ideas to expand the company’s existing products and open new avenues and enterprises for the company.

This led to paving the way for Advancing Credit Orientated Solutions and the Collateral Loan Obligation for the retail investors, and institutions. The $14.9 billion in assets is a testament to their success with James at the helm.

Mr. James Dondero is a man on a mission. He is completely immersed in the workings of the financial industry. His more than 30 years of making and managing distressed investments, dealing with the equity and credit markets, has kept him multi tasking daily.

Mr. Jim lives and continues to prove that Education is Freedom and supports that charity.
His accomplishments are outstanding beginning with his education. He attended the University of Virginia and was recognized by the International Honor Society the Beta Gamma Sigma and
the International Honor Organization.

He is a maverick and studied Accounting and Finance as a double major. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Management Accountant, and a Certified Public Accountant. Jim attended the Morgan Guaranty Training program in 1984. He worked for American Express from 1985 through 1989 as a Portfolio Manager of $1 billion in fixed income and a Corporate Bond Analyst.
He held the position of Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary and increased their holdings to the tune of $2 billion USD.

He supports multiple charities:
* The programs for the Education is Freedom, and the Uplift Education program.
* The SMU Tower Scholars Program received a $2 million from Highland Capital Management and ten students will be selected as Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars every year.
* Perot Museum of Natural Science donation helped to build the new museum.
* George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute the company supports with donations.
* The Highland Capital Management is among the prestigious supporters of the Snowball Express that cater to the children of the military fellows that will never return.

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