The Beneful Brand For Dogs

We care about our animals immensely, and we’d do anything that would help benefit their overall health and happiness. They quickly become a member of the family, and turn into children for most. You want them treated with respect and for them to live up to their full potential, and to allow them to bring everyone as much happiness and positivity as possible.

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend, so don’t you want your best friend to have the best possible meal on their platter? Beneful dog food has been leading the business and the market with its brand of wet and dry dog food since 2001, and has been going strong ever since.

The Nestle Purina Petcare worldwide brand features wet and dry foods, and even treats for your pups. It has brought in more than $1.5 billion dollars in annual revenue, and was rated the fourth most popular dog food brand.

Beneful, which means “full of goddness”, was marketed specifically for the nutritional value for dogs everywhere. Beneful even features a completely vegetarian option (Healthy Harvest product line) that uses soy instead of meat, which was added four years after the original start up of brand.

By 2006, Beneful already had 300 million in revenues, and was constantly modifying and upgrading their facilities and the look of the product to keep up with demand and to appeal to every type of owner.

In 2011, Beneful made more waves by being the first company to advertise directly towards pets. What does this mean, exactly? They aired ads in Austria that had noises that were only sensitive to the hearing of dogs, meaning only they could hear it. This was a big step in the means of advertising.

Their dry dog food has different flavors that are for:

• Healthy smile
• Healthy Weight
• Healthy Fiesta
• Healthy Growth for Puppies
• Healthy Radiance
• A playful life

And of course they have the original flavor, and even IncrediBites, which are packed with protein, grains, and vitamin-rich vegetables to help your dog grow stronger.
Their prepared meals have featured flavors and makeups such as:

• Beef
• Chicken
• Prok
• Lamb
• Turkey
• Roasted Chicken
• Beef & Chicken
• Roasted Turkey
• Beef and Chicken Stew
• Rice and Lamb
• Simmered Beef or Simmered Chicken
• Hearty Roasters Beef

Their canned dog food features most of the same flavors as the prepared meals. And the snacks feature similar flavors as well, but also include bacon & cheese, chicken & cheese, and other fun flavors that will acquire to any pups taste!

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