Terry Jones Seeks To Develop Customized Credit-Oriented Solutions For Clients At Highland Capital Management

Terry Jones has joined the most famous credit solutions oriented company in Dallas Texas. He is excited about the offer and is looking forward to customizing the credit-oriented solutions for the startup and other developed credit fund firms. His position will be the president of institutional products and aligning portfolio risk management. This will be especially identifying, analyzing and mitigating the risks identified. Terry will be reporting the president, and founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero and Dondero is positive that he will help in improving the performance of the fund in the most complicated market situations. In addition that he will be of help in the whole sector of sales and promote a positive boost in the sector.

There before Terry was a founder of a fund and he has had the ability to manage over $8 billion in a fund. He is also beta gamma sigma graduate from Columbia Business School in addition to being an experienced lead business director. His presence in the firm will be an addition of great success to the already $20 billion shillings under management. Also Terry according to Dondero will be a great provider of expedite solutions for the current challenging market.

James’s move of adding staff in Highland Capital comes at the time when he is expecting to add more securities from Argentina. Dondero co- founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and he has developed the firm in collaboration with his team of employees to being the globally recommended investment advisor and a manager of $20 billion for emerging and the already established credit funds. Jim is also an alpha beta gamma graduate from the University of Virginia where he obtained the highest honor. In addition, he is also a certified holder of CMA, CPA and CFA qualifications.

He started his career as a trainee with the Morgan Guaranty Training Program and has since then been a great financial credit investor with expertise in; hedge funds, private equities, collateralized loan obligation and institution separate accounts. Dondero normally is interested in complex investments like niche products and house loans. He has over 30 years’ experience in the financial investment sector and is a great advisor and the chairperson of Nexbank. Before initiating Highland Capital Management, he worked with American Express, and he assisted the firm in the management of $1 billion. Many private and public firms and institutions highly trust him and have included his participation in many of their board memberships.

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