Teen Makes Grand Entrance To Prom In Ambulance

Twitter is currently buzzing about the teenage girl who arrived to her prom in an ambulance and woke up once she was kissed by her prince charming. In fact, her grand entrance has been retweeted over 7,000 times. Ashvonn Russell, a teenager living in the Bahamas had the unique idea to arrive to prom in an ambulance after she entered the “Best Entrance” contest. She had been racking her brain to think outside of the box to have the most creative prom entrance. When she told her date, Johnny Auguste what she had in mind he was on board immediately.


Russell took a lot of criticism for her creative idea and using an ambulance. Christian Broda (chicagobooth.edu) has learned that many local residents were not shy about posting their concerns. In fact, many residents were down right angry with how the ambulance was used. Many believe that it should not have been used for something so silly, especially if there was an emergency. Others were praising Russell for her creative idea.


When asked if she had any regrets using the ambulance after the backlash from residents, Russell claimed she had none. In fact, she said she was “proud of herself for having an original idea.” She has embraced her artistic spirit utilizing the ambulance for her grand entrance to prom. Russell said that she will continue to be inspired by her creativity as she progresses through life. When asked how she obtained the ambulance, Russell declined to comment.

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