Taylor Swift Squashes Beefs At The Grammys

This year’s Grammys was a way for Taylor Swift to squash the beef with more than one person, that she may not have been getting along with, or she had a confrontation with the past. It’s unbelievable that anyone could be disliked by Taylor Swift, or that anyone would dislike Taylor Swift, but it is possible. Taylor Swift. When Kanye West decided to jump on stage in 2009, while Taylor Swift was accepting her award, it was a moment that no one will forget. The moment was revisited at this year’s Grammys, when Kanye also took to the stage, while Beck was accepting his award for Album Of The Year.

Many were outraged that Kanye stole Taylor Swift’s moment, especially seeing that Taylor had been somewhat new to the music scene, and it was her big moment. Even the President of the United States referred to Kanye as a “jackass” for what he did to Taylor. Many disliked Kanye for what he did, and for years to come, it should have haunted the star. Even after what Kanye did at the Grammys this year, he still made amends with Taylor Swift, and they were pictured talking to each other.

Not only did Taylor squash the Kanye beef, fans like Sultan Alhokair have heard that she also squashed the beef with Diplo, who went on social media trying to get a campaign started, in order to get Taylor Swift a butt! No hard feelings, because Taylor took a selfie with him. More on Alhokair can be found on Youtube.

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