Susan Mcgalla: The Great Business Woman

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in the United States. Susan was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and had two brothers and a football coach for a father. She went to Mount Union College from where she graduated with her Business and Marketing Bachelor’s degree.

Susan has risen to the top of the business world by refusing to accept any prejudices that were inflicted to her because of her gender. Growing up, her family did her no favors for being a girl and as such she had to work for whatever she wanted, same as everyone else. In the real world, this has made her a go getter giving her a well-earned reputation of incredible pedigree.

She began her illustrious career in 1986 at the Joseph Horne Company where she worked in different capacities in Marketing and Management for the subsequent 8 years. 1994 marked a major point in her career as she joined American Eagle Outfitters, a company she would stay with for over two decades. At the time, the company was predominantly male with no women serving in any executive dockets or on the board. She began as the divisional buyer of merchandise for women’s clothing and over the years worked in several management capacities until her efforts eventually saw her become the company’s president and its chief merchandising officer (CMO). Before achieving this, she served as Chief Merchandising Officer and president of the American Eagles Outfitters brand that has grown to be trusted by teenagers all over. The post she bagged in 2005 made her responsible for the designing, merchandising and ultimate marketing of the brand. In October of the same year, Susan wore jeans in a celebration following the brand’s announcement of setting up its headquarters in the South drawing a comment from the then Governor, Ed Rendell of how young a president she was.

Susan was later approached by an organization that seeks to honor women in leadership. However while filling her application, Susan did not focus on the vulnerability of women. She emphasized that before her womanhood, first she is a person and her upbringing taught her to depict confidence when revealing herself and her ideas. The organizers asked her to write something different.

During her time as president, Susan launched American Eagle’s aerie and numerous kid’s brands. The company also developed an e-commerce site and recorded revenue worth over $3 billion. Susan eventually left American Eagles after an outstanding career and joined Wet Seal Inc. as CEO where she worked until 2012 after which she founded P3 Executive Consulting. The company acts as a consultant for clients in areas concerning branding, management of talent, marketing, and efficiency in operations among others.

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