Susan McGalla has a Passion for Business

Susan P. McGalla has proven herself numerous times when improving the bottom line for retail or a variety of fashion-oriented companies. Once she devotes herself to the work at hand, she’ll dedicate herself to the job and determine the goals to be accomplished using an analytical and objective perspective. Let’s learn about McGalla’s early beginnings and where she is today.

Early History

Susan McGalla comes from East Liverpool, Ohio. Her father, was a football coach, and he raised her and her brothers. Susan attended Mount Union College where she achieved a BA in marketing and business. Her business degree was the perfect platform to give her a strong introduction into business basics that would serve her well throughout her future careers. After graduating from college, she would go on to begin her career as a businesswoman in the summer of 1986.


Initially, Susan began her business career with Joseph Horne Company. She was heavily involved in a variety of management and marketing positions, which would prepare her for many job openings down the line as her success became evident.

One of her biggest breaks came when she signed on with American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) in 1994. At the time, the company was focusing on men’s sportswear, but Susan would concentrate her creative abilities towards accessories and women’s divisions.

Susan would work various positions at AEO where she eventually worked as a General Manager for Women’s Merchandising from 1997-2002. In 2002, she was made the Executive Vice President over Merchandising.

After proving herself and doing an excellent job, Susan was promoted to President and Chief Merchandising Officer where she served from 2005-2007. In 2009, McGalla decided to venture out on her own in the retail industry as an independent consultant.

In 2013, Susan became the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She provided advisory consultation services to financial communities, retail industries, which also included marketing and branding recommendations.

Today, Susan P. McGalla has branched out and is working as the Director for Strategic Growth and Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As the director, Susan is responsible for e-commerce, merchandising community development and strategic initiatives.

Personal Life

Currently, Susan lives with her spouse Stephen McGalla in Pittsburgh, and they have a couple of children.

Whether Susan McGalla finds herself developing new strategic initiatives, planning future growth, consulting, creating branding strategies or designing new marketing efforts, there’s no doubt she’s ready to go and is up for new challenges no matter what they may be.

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