Success Academy Once Again Heads For Pre-K Openings Once Again

The lofty ambitions of the Success Academy network of charter schools was given a major boost in 2017 when a New York Appellate Court made it clear the right of the City of New York to determine curriculum in charter schools was not legal.

The founder of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz stated the Success Academy had therefore achieved a major victory in an ongoing battle with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio that has pitted the former New York Council member against the Mayor over access to unused school space; the court victory is hoped to be the start of a thawing of the relationship between the mayor and the charter school network that Eva Moskowitz hopes will aid more children than ever before in the Big Apple’s failing school system.


The court battle between Success Academy and the City of New York began when the city began making demands of the charter school network in a bid to change the way the children attending the school were being taught. Many of the problems were over how the children would be permitted to learn, including a time limit over the use of mobile devices during the school day for pre K students and a limit of three field trips throughout an entire year for the same students.


The Success Academy has been on a winning road in recent months as the charter school network was the winner of the Broad Prize that awarded $250,000 to the school network for the work it has completed to provide a higher level of education for minority groups and students from low income families. After opening just a decade ago, the Success Academy has been working towards expanding and now serves 41 schools across New York, but has recently been struggling to develop further with Mayor de Blasio refusing to open up free space in New York’s public schools even though the lottery for Success Academy enrollment has been oversubscribed by thousands in the last few years. The achievements of Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz even saw the Democrat discussed for the Secretary of Education role by the Administration of President Donald Trump.

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