Substantiating myths from facts about Koch network

The political activities of Koch brothers are associated with both financial and political influence in the U.S. politics. Charles Koch commonly known for being owner and manager of Koch industries are sons of Fred C. Koch, the founder of the company. Koch industries is still the second largest private corporation in the U.S. which the two brothers manage and own 84% of the enterprise.

Charles Koch describes himself as a person committed to free societies and free market principles in the society. To influence the world of politics, Koch brothers through the three Koch family foundations have contributed to 34 political and policy organizations in 2008. By 2011, the Koch Industries political action committee donated $2.6 M to candidates mainly on the GOP side. In 2012, reports from the Center for Responsive Politics showed that $274 million anonymous contributions were recorded, and the Koch network contributed another $86 million.

Even though many Americans never knew Charles Koch before President Obama got into office, there are still myths about Koch network that should be substantiated with facts. For instance, the Democrats have taken advantage of these myths to demonize the actions of Koch network saying that they have spent millions of dollars blocking the President Obama initiatives, especially in trade and health reforms. However, even as more information flows and some myths are being shed to the light, more need to be done to ensure people don’t take advantage of the myths. The following are facts related to some of the myths about Koch network.

Many people believe in the myth that Koch network is the third political party in the US. The fact is that Koch network has never been a political party but a network that rallies the Republicans to promote free-market positions. In fact, some party organizations and other workers have gone ahead to work with Koch network and vice versa. There is a myth that Koch network only focuses its financial resources to the hundreds of conservative groups. The fact is that it is network is interlocked with a set of organizations that include an integrated political machine to develop favorable policies.

Some people believe in the myth that Koch network is only about Charles Koch. Koch network has however convinced many other rich people in the US to join the network to reshape US politics. As opposed to the myth, Koch network is not about Koch industries or Koch brothers themselves. Koch network has grown to become a conservative-minded and self-righteous movement to participate in American politics.

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