Study Proves Coffee Can Lower Risk of Heart Disease

The benefits of a morning cup of coffee to jumpstart the day are embraced by millions of people across the globe. While the energy boosting jump of the caffeine is usually the particular benefit drinkers are searching for, it has been widely thought that a few cups of coffee each day can actually benefit the human body in more ways than one. Now for the first time ever, there is officially scientific data to back up that lofty theory.

According to Heart Medical Journal, a study has been performed that drinking between three and five cups of coffee each day helped middle-aged adults without symptoms maintain a lower risk of calcium deposits in arteries, which is an early indicator of heart disease. The study was performed at a hospital in Korea under controlled circumstances, and the appearance of it in a peer journal emphasizes the successful findings. Of course, the study specifies that the study participants had to have no prior evidence of calcium build up, which means that personal medical history still could play a major role.

However, the benefits of drinking a few cups of coffee each day are not without merit. YouTube suggests coffee now officially has a role in keeping the risk of heart disease at a minimum, but the study stops short of recommending that individuals start drinking coffee. The data speaks for itself, and the manufacturers and suppliers are probably going to jump all over the “Coffee is good for you” idea. Of course, now they are not lying.

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