Spider Man Is In Birmingham Feeding the Homeless

A man in Birmingham is bringing the comic book hero “Spider Man” to life by going around and delivering the food in costume.

According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, the man is only 20 years old and is employed at a local pub. Although he wouldn’t give the news reporters his name so that he can keep his anonymity, he has said that he has always gone around feeding the homeless and poor people on the streets, but decided it would make them smile to see “Spider Man” doing the job for them. He told BBC reporters that he goes out of his way to buy the food with his own money and will not be accepting donations. Maybe the reason for that he is he feels bad asking people for favors too, but hopefully someday “Spider Man” will be open to allowing others to help him on his goal to help the needy.

Dan Newlin agrees that it must be quite a sight to be walking down the streets of Birmingham and see Spider Man in action, and I am sure that over time he will be spotted by others and this will make top news on the internet. For those who wish to follow the local hero, he can be found on both Twitter and Instagram under the name “BirminghamSpiderman” to see what he is up to and what adventures he goes on in the future.

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