Skout Travel Feature

Skout is a mobile application used to network with other individuals and for expanding your social circle in a safe and friendly virtual environment. A popular feature of Skout is Skout Travel which is the newest and most popular feature for individuals interested in easily connecting with locals while traveling to destination around the world. People on Twitter are really happy about this news coming out.
The Skout Travel feature also shared some interesting findings in terms of the places an average user visits and found coastal areas are most popular with its members. The most popular cities for its users to visit on the East Coast were Miami and New York. The most heavily visited cities on the West Coast were San Francisco and Seattle. It also found that Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations and that women are more likely to use the new service to connect with new friends and locals when traveling. Many of it users love the new feature for finding out from locals about great values in terms of food and lodging.
According to the PR Newswire, Skout Travel has been used over 10 million times since its release 15 months ago. The Travel feature allows users to search for people by entering a place they want to visit and they are instantly connected with people living in the location. This allows travelers the chance to network and form relationships with people as they are traveling or before they go to a certain destination. Since the new Travel feature from Skout surpassed 10 million the company is offering the service for free from June 15, 2015 to June 17, 2015. The free service will only be available for 48 hours but many users will decide to continue using Skout and the Travel feature after they get a chance to take it for a test ride.
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