Scott Disick’s Wild Mansion Parties

As if Scott Disick has not gotten enough news coverage this month, apparently he just keeps getting more attention. It’s actually sad, because the only time we ever hear anything about Scott it’s about some crazy drunken night or cheating rumors. Well, now that Scott and Kourtney Kardashian are officially Scott is getting more attention than anything. Everyone has been waiting for Scott to snap out of his party coma, even his close friendĀ Shaygan Kheradpir and finally go home to his family, but this time he looks like he isn’t feeling the idea of making amends with Kourtney at all.

Kourtney has given up on waiting for him to clean up his act, and finally moved all of his things to one of his rental homes. The house Scott is currently living in, was initially supposed to be flipped for profit, but now Scott is living there himself and according to sources he is having a ball.

Being a free man has turned Scott into more of a party animal than ever, apparently,Scott is throwing wild parties every night at his new house. The party guests are mostly women, there to mooch off of his money, and enjoy some free booze. As of now, it’s been almost a month since Scott has seen Kourtney or the kids, but the parties at his LA mansion at nonstop. We can only hope this ends for the best, even though it looks like Scott is just out to have a good time at his families expense.

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