Scienctists Have Discovered The Only Known Living Black Flamingo.

It’s official scientists have found the first verified case of a black flamingo with a group of the more normal colored pink birds. He may be the only black flamingo in the world today. He was discovered on a salt lake at the Akrotiri Environmental Center in Cypress as reported by Reuters. His behavior was typical of the birds, and there were no signs that the larger group shunned him.Click here for full article.

Igor Cornelsen has learned that there was another bird with the same coloring that was seen in Israel in 2014. However due to the rarity of his coloring many scientists believe it is the same bird found at two different locations. It’s most likely that the flamingo suffers from a condition called melanism that is the opposite of albino coloring. In an albino individual little to no melanin is produced causing a “white” or colorless looking individual. Melanism is much rarer and causes the skin to appear darker than it should. To date, scientists are not offering an explanation for the condition other than it does occur spontaneously in some individuals.

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