Saving the World With Soap

A nonprofit organization called “Clean the World” is helping to save lives with bars of soap. Germs are spread through unwashed hands, and many people in under developed countries cannot afford to buy soap. Clean the World is helping out by recycling used bars of soap from various hotels. Most leftover bars of soap have been barely used, and they just end up in garbage dumps increasing land fill waste.


Now, the half used bars are ground up and turned in to brand new bars of soap for distribution. In many parts of the world getting soap for bathing and hand washing is difficult. Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG couldn’t believe a life without soup. It leads to the spread of contagious diseases and viruses. By recycling the leftover soap from over 4,000 hotels, this organization has been able to distribute soap to 99 different countries in need. Along with the soap products, they teach healthy hygiene practices to help reduce infectious diseases.

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