Sanjay Shah Combines Two Of His Favorites In Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah found a way to combine his love of music with his love for his son Nikhil, who happens to have autism. As founder and CEO of Autism Rocks, Shah started a Go Fund Me fundraiser for his charity. All funds raised by this campaign go to the Autism Research Trust, of which Shah is a trustee, which in turn funds autism research at Cambridge University. These projects are not looking for a cure; they are investigating intervention programs that offer the greatest benefit to children with autism. This will help parents, like Sanjay Shah and his wife, understand how their autistic child is feeling and what he or she needs.

Shah came up with the idea for Autism Rocks while entertaining rapper Snoop Dogg at his Dubai home. He decided to invite wealthy friends and business associates to private concerts with big names from the music industry. Shah knew that people in London and Dubai wouldn’t mind donating to a worthy cause by buying a ticket to see Lenny Kravitz or Prince in an exclusive setting.

Autism Rocks is the latest endeavor in wealthy businessman Sanjay Shah’s illustrious career. Born in 1970, Shah is widely known as the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners, a private investment firm, however, after moving from London to Dubai, he says that he is semi-retired. After studying medicine at King’s College in the U.K., Shah decided that his real interest was accounting. After holding several jobs at prestigious trading firms, Shah, like so many others, found himself out of a job during the recession. However, his redundancy was a blessing in disguise, since it pushed Shah to open Solo Capital Partners, which made him a millionaire.

Currently, Shah is living in Dubai with his wife and three children. He’s said to have a net worth of $280 million, enough to provide his youngest son with all the therapy he needs, nevertheless, Sanjay Shah understands that other parents with an autistic child are not as fortunate. He’s made several personal donations, besides raising money for research, to help wherever it is needed the most.

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