Saline Is On The Food And Drug Administration’s Drug Shortage List

Saline Is Another Name For Salt Water. Bags Of The Fluid Cost Around A Dollar.

We all know that saline is one of the first things we see hanging next to a hospital bed if we have a reason to visit one of our healthcare facilities. Saline is used to rehydrate patients, and restore fluids lost by all kinds of medical conditions. Saline also plays a role in surgery and dialysis. Nurses clean wounds with it, and to show how important this salt-water solution is we only have to look at the consumption rate. Saline and other sterile solutions are used constantly in the United States. In fact, 740 units of saline is used every minute in the states.

So the question is, how come we’re running low on sodium chloride? People at Anastasia Date know that the demand is strong, so someone, somewhere, should be forecasting and planning to keep our medical institutions well-stocked with this important version of salt water. But instead of having stockpiles of the stuff, the FDA is importing saline from Germany, Spain and Norway. Doctors and Nurses across the country have to conserve their supply by using other fluids and reducing the size of the saline bags.

So what is really going on with saline? The Associate Director of the FDA’s Drug Shortages program, Valerie Jensen blames most of the shortage on manufacturing issues, but she also said the 2013-2014 flu season put a strain on their supply. Plus there have been some saline recalls. Human hair was found in some saline bags.

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