Robert Rodriguez to Direct Live Action “Fire and Ice” Film

Anyone whom is familiar with animator and film director Ralph Bakshi are also liable to remember Fire and Ice, his most visually stunning film and one that was made in close conjunction with esteemed fantasy artist, Frank Franzetta.

With both Rodriguez and Sony in need of some familiarly timely success after, respectively, Rodriguez’s film Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, bombed at the box office and Sony’s ill fated launch of The Interview was halted by alleged terrorist threats to bomb theaters, this could be just the project both of them need.

But is it even a good idea? Well, the original film (images of which you can see here, along with interview commentary from Rodriguez himself: revolved around an evil queen whom sought to imprison a beautiful (and amply curvy) young woman for her sadistic son (whose name is Nekron – I know right, that’s like calling your villain Grimlord or Darkbad) but is foiled time and time again by a young and near naked hero. So basically typical Franzetta stuff. The thing about this is that while Franzetta’s images are visually stimulating and certainly masterfully crafted, their narrative is somewhat lackluster and rather underwhelming.

Either way Rodriguez is very excited about the project and seems to have crafted a very defined vision for it after acquiring the right to Fire and Ice from Bakshi.

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  1. Jared Haftel is also looking forward to this. He’s stated that he wished to have every frame painted by hand – if nothing else it sounds worth a peek. The need for aussie writers to get all these things available cannot be underestimated.

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