Richard Mishaan Design Stays Ahead of the Pack

Richard Mishaan is one of the well-known architects who specializes in coming up with luxury interior designs for residential and commercial buildings. He is among the A-list architects in the world currently. His exquisite work has seen him hired to design prestigious houses such as presidential suites and world-renowned hotels. One of the presidential suites that he has designed is the St Regis Hotel. His excellence in coming up with world-class designs have also seen him featur5ed in various interior design magazines such as the Elle Decor. For three years in a row, he has been featured by the in the top A-list of interior designers globally.

Richard Mishaan is the founder of Richard Mishaan Design Company. His designs are known to be unique. No other architect has ever come close to what Mishaan does in terms of matching the modern design and the traditional antiques. Most of his designs are can be termed as timeless. He has a way of combining various design styles to come up with something special that no one can put a time limit on.

Richard Mishaan does not stick with just one style of design. He is dynamic and changes his style depending on various factors such as time, type of building, the representation of the building among others. His intention is to produce designs that pass a certain message. Mishaan’s designs work is intended to be long term. He believes that people should invest in what could last for a long time instead of investing in designs that are cheap and which will barely last for even a few years.

Richard derives his inspiration from his childhood. He grew up in a city that was full of colorful designs. Richard Mishaan was born in Cartegena Colombia. Mishaan moved to the United States in 1978, where he studied architecture at the University of Colombia.

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