Ricardo Guimares was born in royalty. He is the son of a mining titan and the grandson of the founder of Banco BMG.His granddad Antonio Moura Guimaraes founded the bank in 1930, Ricardo Guimares joined the group from the simple post of an office assistant and rose to become the CEO in 1980.
The story of Ricardo Guimares is as rare as they come. He joined BMG in 1980 and did his undergraduate while still at the bank. He completed his degree in 1988 from the UMA.It was in Business Administration. He was then promoted to became the CFO in 1988 and vice president in 1996.Ricardo became the CEO IN 2004.He is assisted by Marcio Alaor at that post.
Ricardo Guimares come from an affluent family no doubt. He has risen through sheer hard work and shrewdness nonetheless and is an iconic example of hard work. It is this reason he has received prestigious accolades like the Grand collar of the legislative merit in 2204 and honorary degrees from Town Hall in 2011.Ricardo is also a hedge fund manager who has started Ricardo 11 fund. It seeks to commercialize images of players and build the brand. It now has a funding of $ 20 million. He has tons of football experience. He was the chairman at Clube Atletico Mineiro for five years, and it is his favourite club.
Ricardo Guimares has appeared in numerous blogs to share his business expertise. He says Brazilians have good business ideas but lack the willpower to implement them. They are very creative but lack actual guts to do the hard work. It mostly comes down to hard work and dedication. The country was ranked slightly behind the USA with a score of 138.8.
Banco BMG is now 85 years old having been founded in 1930 by Antonio Guimares; It has grown to become one of the largest in the country and provides efficient services for the people. It is well known for its cheap loans and extensive distribution network. It has 3000 branches spread across the entire country. It also has 50000 employees.
Under Guimares, the bank has become a giant in Sports sponsorship. It has the highest returns for every dollar invested in the industry. Banco BMG regular floats bonds in the international market to help raise capital.

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Source:  Agencia Estado

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