Ricardo Guimaraes And BMG Find Success In Many Different Areas

Remaining at the top of any industry is something thzat is hard to do, particularly the competitive financial industry that has been something of a rollercoaster in Brazil. The largest economy in South America has often been a difficult one to navigate, but the changing face of the BMG organization has seen this bank remain at the top of the financial industry since 1930, according to Wikipedia. Since the 1980s Ricardo Guimaraes has been looking to determine the best ways of keeping BMG at the top end of the financial industry through changing the focus of the company.

Ricardo Guimaraes spent the early years of his career learning as much as possible about the financial world and BMG in particular. Although Guimaraes is the grandson of the founder of BMG he decided to embark on a career taking in almost every aspect of the BMG business, which saw him work as an office clerk and in the majority of areas of the business. This grounding in the entire business saw the career of Ricardo Guimaraes lead BMG to success in new areas of the financial industry. The focus of BMG has shifted over time to include funding for the mining industry, vehicle loans, and in the 21st century investing in the future of sports teams and their stars.

The interest Ricardo Guimaraes has in soccer has seen him look for the best ways of improving the finances of the top clubs and athletes in Brazil, esporte reports. The move to payroll loans for major companies completed by BMG, headed by Ricardo Guimaraes has now moved to the sports industry. Guimaraes has spent a large amount of his time leading the movement towards the sponsorship and investment in many of the top sports teams in South America. Ricardo Guimaraes has also looked to make sure the top options in investing are made available to the top athletes in Brazil through the BR1 fund he established for many soccer players. The skills and financial experience of Ricardo Guimaraes have so far attracted around 50 top soccer players to the fund, which has seen the fund reach more than $50 million in assets.

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