Qnet’s Community of Wellness

QNet has been conducting their business in India for many years and they do not appear to be settling down. From day one this direct selling company has endorsed a healthy lifestyle and well-being for their customers, while finding room to grow from South East Asia to the Middle East, Central Asia, North, West and East Africa and Russia and Europe.

This Asian direct selling company has marketed services and health conscience products direct to their customers. From its inception 16 years ago, a multitude of individuals and companies have embarked with Qnet on their successful journey of wealth and good health. This business venture not only allows customers to utilize products (at a discounted rate), but if they choose, they can sell them to individuals, leading to opportunities for them to earn simply by ensuring that services and products receive future promotions. Qnet has made it possible for individuals globally (in more than 100 countries) to become entrepreneurs by way of e-commerce (computer networks such as the World Wide Web or Internet).

Basically Qnet gives individuals (or Independent Representatives) the chance to build their own business, with little cost involved, yet plenty of hard work and commitment encouraged. By focusing on this business, Independent Representatives have the potential to become financially independent or make extra income if they wish, but one must put a great deal of care and effort into it, you cannot just sit back, waiting to collect a paycheck. Qnet makes it a habit to advise potential entrepreneurs that they will see some great results according to the amount of time they put in. Additionally this company is quick to avoid promising potential entrepreneurs that this is an easy way to “become rich.”

The Qnet company has been successful in the Indian market for the past 13 years, having been founded in 1998 by the successful Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong. They are continuing their brisk growth by expanding new products (which they manufacture) such as energy drinks, watches and even creating manufacturing facilities. This innovating Indian marketing plan is what has brought Qnet prominence among other direct selling organizations as they also offer jewelry, travel services and even online education courses. At the moment Qnet is working on making sure that more of their wellness products are available to their Indian customers.

To this day, Qnet has remained a leader among products that are geared towards the balance and well-being of individuals. They have focused on its development and ensured that products are of sound quality, while individuals who assist in their promotion are also financially rewarded. Qnet offers individuals an energetic reimbursement strategy, partially due to its global group of dedicated distributors and customers.

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