QNET and the MCFC: What a Partnership

QNet is working with the Manchester City Football Club in the form of a very unique strategic partnership. Reports on the partnership are being noted in the press and a few eyebrows have been raised. The reason is the partnership seems like a strange match. It really is not. In fact, the QNET/Manchester City alliance is really a brilliant one.

Partnerships play a role in many different business success stories. Closer research of various business entities, be they big corporations or small businesses, do show strategic partnerships contribute to great achievements. Even some of the odder partnerships achieve amazing results. The joint venture between QNet and the Manchester City Football Club seems like an odd team-up. Or rather, it seems like an odd team-up on the surface. Once you look closer at the partnership, the connection between the two makes a lot of sense.

QNet does offer a line of health and lifestyle products and services. A connection to a sports team does make sense. When someone is looking over a nutritional product, images of athletic football players is going to have a very positive impact on the mind. Consumers are frequently motivated by de facto endorsements hinted at through the alliance with the football club.

There are other benefits QNet procures from an affiliation with the Manchester City team. Reportedly, “meet and greet” events may be set up in the future. How these meet and greets will work still has to be planned out. Team members may appear at promotional events around the world to hype up buying from or affiliating with QNet. Another idea being bandied about is rewarding top sellers with personal meetings with players. Sports fans definitely would be motivated to be big sellers with a prize such as that.

The Manchester City Football Club also has something to gain from the partnership. QNet maintains offices in 25 countries. Reportedly, affiliates and sales are present in roughly 100 countries. QNet is priming itself for a great expansion in the Indian market. Through affiliating with QNet, the MCFC could end up boosting its presence globally. Merchandise from the club could be sold far from its home location. The team could end up being booked for exhibition games all around the world. Publicity can do a lot of things and the club might end up benefiting immensely. Check out QNet’s profile on YouTube.

Time will tell how this joint partnership ends up working out. Likely, it will work out just fine for all members.

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