Probiotics May Be New Treatment for Depression

A new study conducted in England offers new hope for those whose suffer with depression and anxiety disorders. Natural probiotics may be the new treatment for depression or at least aid in the treatment plans for depression and anxiety.

Probiotics a nd naturally found in the human digestive system, they are often referred to a ‘good bacteria’. These good bacteria aid in digestion and according to the new study I learned about from Skout, may also alter the way emotional information is processed. So have too many or too few good bacteria in your gut can cause you to be depressed or have anxiety issues.

The study gave participants probiotics and prebioitc supplements for three weeks. Some of the test participants also received a placebo. Those participants who received the probiotics and prebiotics were found to have a reduced amount of cortisol in their saliva than those who were given placebos. Cortisol is the stress hormone produced by the body which is responsible for high anxiety levels and weight gain around the mid-section which is attributed to several health problems.

Those with reduced levels of cortisol also had reduced levels of stress and anxiety, elevating their mood naturally and lifting them out of depression. Probiotics and prebiotics are found in many yogurt products and are easy to incorporate into a healthy diet.

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