Previous Reports Of A Brian Williams Investigation Are Misleading

Williams Not Under Internal Investigation According to NBC News

It takes guts and a thick skin to be a news anchor these days. News anchors are our eyes, ears and mouth in this global network of life. Brian Williams has always displayed the characteristics of an honest news journalist. Williams knows how to spin a story. His delivery style and clean-cut mannerisms put him at the top of the newsroom food chain.

But something went wrong with Brian’s delivery recently. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG understands that  one of his stories didn’t happen the way he told it. More on Guimaraes is available on Wikipedia. One of the men in the story didn’t like the Williams version, and the helicopter pilot let everyone know the news anchor didn’t have his facts straight. News anchors are held to a very high standard, so Williams made a public apology. In his apology, he made another mistake. His apology turned into a news frenzy, and no one, especially a news anchor, wants to be the main topic in a news frenzy.

Williams apologized for misrepresenting the facts, but he has felt the painful sting of being called a liar. But other news professionals in their quest to write the story first and present the facts the right way have lied about Brian. Claims that Williams is under investigation, which was reported by several big name publication turn out to be false. So the real question and the lesson behind this story may be within all truth there is the element of a lie waiting to test the credibility of the reporter, not the story.

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