Press Has Field Day Over GOP Candidates Supporting Parental Choice in Vacciantions

The press is having a field day covering comments by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over the subject of parental choice in terms of children being vaccinated. It is a controversial matter. Some parents believe that science should trump any other consideration. They believe if the scientific community concurs that vaccinations are a matter of public safety, children should receive them regardless of any other consideration parents may have. Some parents disfavor vaccinations instead wanting homeopathic solutions. Others oppose them on religious grounds.

The current controversy touched off during a Q&A when Governor Christie stated that parents should have a greater voice in the matter. He pointed out that in his household the children are vaccinated. Still, the media has been covering the story as if to define the GOP as opposed to any scientific progress. Lee Slaughter has learned that Hillary Clinton also took the opportunity to rehash the mantra in a tweet where she said if the scientific community concurs on a matter be it the shape of the earth or vaccinations, the only choice people have it so embrace it. It is her belief that under those conditions all debate should cease.

It is too early to tell how much of an issue that will play in the presidential campaign. It is likely that married women with children will favor having the right to choose the vaccinations for their children. In recent elections, the GOP has carried the married female vote.

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