Popular Dr Oz Claims That Don’t Hold Water

Recent speculation has suggested that Dr Oz is including products and cures on his television show based off of the business he has going on behind the scenes with many of these companies and brands. Much of what Dr Oz is claiming to be true or beneficial on his show may actually be biased and while it could be helpful, there often is not enough research to support this doctor’s claims. There are some common claims that often appear on the Dr Oz show that just don’t hold water and they include:

Green Coffee Extract For Weight Loss
This bean is a magic weight loss cure according to Dr Oz. There was only one scientific study that supported this claim and it has since been retracted back in October of 2014.

Umckaloabo Root Extract For Immunity Support
While Dr Oz says this link text can help alleviate the common cold and ward off the flu virus, there is no real science to be found that states this is true. Bruce Karatz doesn’t know what to believe. While homeopathic doctors recognize this root to be beneficial, there are not scientific confirmations.

Lavender Soap For Restless Legs
Dr Oz has suggested a number of times on his show that a bar of lavender soap underneath a person’s bed sheet can help soothe restless leg syndrome. Lavender can be soothing and relaxing, but there is no scientific basis to this as well.

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