Planes, Trains and Automobiles-Which is Safer?

The reports of planes falling out of the sky seems to be coming everyday. All of this has me and my family scared of flying. The next logical option would be to take a train. I mean it is how they traveled in the olden days. Amtrak has long been known as one of the few passenger trains still in existence. It’s not a great deal cheaper than flying, but some say it is a great deal safer. However, just ask those who were stranded for 13.5 hours in Chicago if they will take a train again.

With a fierce snowstorm in the area and many planes grounded at O’Hare, Amtrak was stuck too this according to A Bulls Eye View . People, like Dave and Brit Morin, had the option to wait inside the terminal or on the train, but it was still a long wait. It was freezing cold and there was nothing but a few snacks to keep them going. Some describe this as hell on earth, only they were freezing to death. Multiple layers of clothing and snuggling with a neighbor that you may or may not know to keep warm was commonplace.

After a ten hour wait, train #48 was ready to go, but then the engine failed. This all makes me wonder if it is not safer to just brave the roads and gas prices and head to a destination with multiple drivers? Yes, car accidents are abundant on the roadways, but they are becoming just as frequent as plane and train issues.

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