Pefect Partners, Business and Technology and Shaygan Kheradphir

The perfect partners of business and technology keep the world turning. Technology keeps business working, and business keeps technology rolling out new ideas. Technology is a business in itself with services and products ranging from development to end user hardware and software. Businesses buy into technology for a number or reasons one being efficiency. With today’s technology businesses move faster, and more effectively than ever before. In return for the payouts in efficiency brought on by technological changes, business funds research and development. Research and development in return produces new technology to again increase business production and profit. Each partner greases the wheels so to speak, and keep each other moving forward.

It’s difficult to say if business keeps up with technology or technology keeps up with business, but hand in hand they are a formidable pair. Industry has never been the same since their marriage. We’ve come along way since the wheel was invented, and the first cart transported goods to market. Today’s businesses rely on fiber optics, the internet, computers and the ever-increasing number of proprietary bells and whistles. From super tankers to jet aircraft to the microwave oven, business and technology touches everything every day. Cars that drive themselves are in the makings, and alarm systems guard homes and businesses throughout the world. Business and technology produce medical miracles, and the miracle of the cell phones. Its brought the world into homes, and it educates the masses. It’s so diverse that it’s impossible to name everything that both business and technology touch.

The growth of business and technology depends on the entrepreneurs, scientists, technicians, CEOs, small business owner and clerks who use it each day. Each plays a part in making the other tick, and it’s men like Shaygan Kheradpir who brought us FIOS from Verison, and the mobile money programs at Barclay’s Bank who keep business and technology churning out ideas and profits. The London born Mr. Kheradpir started his career at GTE Laboratories in 2000. At GTE he developed network routing systems. When GTE merged into Verison, took the reins of e-business, and brought the company the fiber optic network, and over $12 billion dollars of business.

Mr, Kheradphir lives in the San Franscisco Bay area, and holds the rights to large number of patents in the telecommunications industry. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Cornell University, and is considered a leading expert in fields of telecom, financial services and media. He served on the boards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the YMCA of Greater New York, and he is an active member of Engineering Council at Cornell University.

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