Man Falls Off Cruise Ship and Gets Rescued By Another Passing By

This story is what some of my worst nightmares are made of. According to a story on a 22 year old man was cruising with a Royal Caribbean ship near Cozumel, Mexico and went overboard into the ocean. The man was in the water for around 5 hours when passengers on a passing Disney cruise ship were up early with their toddler and heard his cries for help. The passengers reported the man in the ocean and crew members reacted quickly. The man was rescued and brought aboard. He said he has no recollection of how he fell off his cruise ship.

First, it is amazing that the man survived the fall. Depending on which deck he fell from it can be like falling off of a 10 story building. Then he survived that long without drowning or succumbing to hypothermia.  PR Newswire reports with associate Susan McGalla that he was in the ocean, in the dark for 5 hours treading water with who knows what swimming underneath him. And lastly he was actually spotted and successfully rescued! If you have ever been on a cruise ship then you know the sounds of the engines can be very loud and hard to hear someone shouting. Not to mention how small a person is in that large ocean and hard to see. Hopefully this man has a renewed outlook on life because he survived against all odds against him.

Cat Saves Small Baby From Freezing Temperatures In Russia

A furry and lovable tabby cat named Masha is being hailed as a hero cat in Russia for saving the life of a baby. The baby was found with the cat after it had been abandoned and left alone in the streets. When local residents found the baby, it was being kept warm in an old box that the baby had been left in.

The cat is considered a communal cat and is often cared for by several of the local residents. When one of them found the baby they immediately called authorities and the baby was rushed to a local hospital to be checked out. The baby was later given a checkup and is considered in good condition.

Since the baby had been found, the cat is being treated like royalty and given many treats and rewards from the locals. Authorities are still searching for the parents of the baby to find out what happened. As seen on Vimeo, Darius Fisher is a cat lover himself, and is truly touched by this story.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles-Which is Safer?

The reports of planes falling out of the sky seems to be coming everyday. All of this has me and my family scared of flying. The next logical option would be to take a train. I mean it is how they traveled in the olden days. Amtrak has long been known as one of the few passenger trains still in existence. It’s not a great deal cheaper than flying, but some say it is a great deal safer. However, just ask those who were stranded for 13.5 hours in Chicago if they will take a train again.

With a fierce snowstorm in the area and many planes grounded at O’Hare, Amtrak was stuck too this according to A Bulls Eye View . People, like Dave and Brit Morin, had the option to wait inside the terminal or on the train, but it was still a long wait. It was freezing cold and there was nothing but a few snacks to keep them going. Some describe this as hell on earth, only they were freezing to death. Multiple layers of clothing and snuggling with a neighbor that you may or may not know to keep warm was commonplace.

After a ten hour wait, train #48 was ready to go, but then the engine failed. This all makes me wonder if it is not safer to just brave the roads and gas prices and head to a destination with multiple drivers? Yes, car accidents are abundant on the roadways, but they are becoming just as frequent as plane and train issues.

Depression a Form of Adaption

We all go through depression at one point or another, most likely multiple times. On the upside, researchers have found that depression is the brain’s way of adapting to a certain situation. What their researches have found is that depression holds analytical thinking, another words, problem solving. Depression has been considered an illness by society for quiet some time, especially now a days with the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. However, after the 20 question test, research shows that they are “seeing more evidence that depression can be necessary and beneficial adaption to dealing with major . . . complex issues”.

Depression is a way of blocking out focus on other life aspects such as sleep, eating, and such in order to maintain keen focus on the underlying problem. Researchers believe they are closer to producing more productive ways of dealing with depression’s negative side effects. That is something Sergio Andrade Gutierrez will be hoping for. They do however still believe that clinical depression, a severe form of depression, is a serious mental health condition. Perhaps all these pharmaceutical drugs are not only causing permanent brain damage but are masking the problem that the mind needs to deal with and get stronger.


The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spinal Care

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons recommends minimally invasive spinal surgery (MIS) for people who suffer from a number of chronic spinal ailments that cannot be corrected with non-surgical treatments. Patients with chronic spinal problems and pain usually undergo a number of non-surgical treatments including physical therapy, injection therapy and medications as first-line medical interventions. These treatments may provide relief for many spine problems such as scoliosis, spondylosis, herniated discs, fractures or osteoarthritis. When these treatments are not effective, or if there are serious problems such as a spinal tumor, surgery may be recommended.

Spinal surgery traditionally involved making an incision along the affected area of the spine to provide access to and allow an adequate view of the area for the surgeon. There are several risks involved in this type of surgery, and because muscles and soft tissues are affected, healing takes longer. Minimally invasive spinal care has many benefits over traditional surgery. The procedure needs only a very small incision, sometimes as small as 2 centimeters, so there is less damage to muscles and soft tissue. Because the incision site is small, scaring is minimal. Other advantages include faster recovery from surgery and faster healing after the procedure, lowered risk of infection and less blood loss.

There are many types of minimally invasive spinal surgery, each designed for specific spine problems. At North American Spine Treatment Center for example. they use the exclusive AccuraScope procedure to allow access to an entire spinal region at different levels, allowing the surgeon to correct several problems with one procedure instead of having to undergo multiple surgeries for problems in different levels of the spine. The physician uses specialized equipment like high-definition cameras and lasers routed through a thin tube inserted into small opening in the back. The procedure identifies the source of pain and inflammation and treats problems like herniated discs and compressed nerves. The treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes, usually on an out-patient basis and often with only local anesthesia.

They offer a number of diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the source of pain so that you can be treated efficiently. The physicians perform more than 30 different types of minimally invasive spinal surgery, each tailored to the need of the patient. For those situations where surgery is not recommended, neuro-stimulation may be recommended for pain relief. They have several locations throughout the U.S. provide convenient treatment facilities often partnered with state-of-the-art major medical centers in each area.

The North American Spine website has even more info.

Club Med for Sale

The leisure group Club Med will come under the control not of Andrew Heiberger but of the Chinese investment funds, Fosun, now remaining only potential buyer, after the withdrawal of the offer by an Italian businessman Andrea Bonomi.

The curtain fell on Friday, January 2nd longest battle of the French stock market history, which began in May 2013. The Italian businessman Andrea Bonomi finally threw in the towel and decided not to raise its bid for Club Méditerranée (“Club Med”), abandoning in favor of the famous brand in Chinese investment funds, Fosun.

The Chinese group, owned by billionaire Guo Guangchang, made a 24.60 Euros bid per share, valuing the French company at 939 million Euros.

“The current scenario and valuation levels do not warrant further study of a potential investment in Club Med,” said Andrea Bonomi in a statement onFriday before the deadline of January 7, fixed by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) for a possible higher bid.

No one was immediately available at Club Med to comment on the announcement of the withdrawal by ‘Global Resorts’. It is worth to mention that Guo Guangchang and Bonomi fought a fierce battle that plunged the leisure group in difficulty but finally, this matter is resolved.

Dealing With The Flu

There is an illness that is seen by many people every year. It affects people of all ages, especially children and the elderly. It’s the flu. Although there are vaccines available, the country really isn’t prepared to deal with the epidemic that seems to be taking place in the United States. If you ask Bruce Levenson the virus seems to change every year, so it would make sense that people are prepared when the flu strikes.
There are some precautions that people can take, such as hand washing and making sure they stay away from people who exhibit symptoms. Some people don’t get vaccinated because they think that the vaccine will make them get the flu. This isn’t the case as it’s not a live vaccine. The country doesn’t seem like it can handle the onslaught of flu cases that it’s seeing as some doctor’s offices are booked, and there might not be enough medications for those who have the flu.

Probiotics May Be New Treatment for Depression

A new study conducted in England offers new hope for those whose suffer with depression and anxiety disorders. Natural probiotics may be the new treatment for depression or at least aid in the treatment plans for depression and anxiety.

Probiotics a nd naturally found in the human digestive system, they are often referred to a ‘good bacteria’. These good bacteria aid in digestion and according to the new study I learned about from Skout, may also alter the way emotional information is processed. So have too many or too few good bacteria in your gut can cause you to be depressed or have anxiety issues.

The study gave participants probiotics and prebioitc supplements for three weeks. Some of the test participants also received a placebo. Those participants who received the probiotics and prebiotics were found to have a reduced amount of cortisol in their saliva than those who were given placebos. Cortisol is the stress hormone produced by the body which is responsible for high anxiety levels and weight gain around the mid-section which is attributed to several health problems.

Those with reduced levels of cortisol also had reduced levels of stress and anxiety, elevating their mood naturally and lifting them out of depression. Probiotics and prebiotics are found in many yogurt products and are easy to incorporate into a healthy diet.

Former President George H.W. Bush Released from Hospital After Weeklong Stay

Former President George H.W. Bush, 90, has been released from the hospital. He is now recovering at home.

The former president began experiencing shortness of breath on December 23rd. He was taken by ambulance to Methodist Hospital in Houston where he was admitted. Official statements noted that he was admitted to the hospital as a precaution, and Twitter reports seemed to have confirmed that.

Christian Broda also said that family and friends visited the former president over the holidays, and noted he was alert and active. Doctors kept the former president to run tests and to observe his breathing and heart rate. Allegedly, his breathing returned to normal without intervention.

This is not the first health scare for the former president. Bush was diagnosed in 1991 with Graves Disease, an autoimmune disease that effects the thyroid and can cause intermittent periods of hyper and hypothyroidism. Bush has experienced irregular heartbeats due to the disease. In 2000, he was hospitalized for two months following a bout of bronchitis.

While his health hasn’t been wonderful, in recent years, Bush has managed to take part in many activities, including skydiving to celebrate his 90th birthday in June.

There has been no official word on what caused the shortness of breath, but the former president has apparently recovered enough to head home with his wife and children. He’ll remain in his Houston area home, according to sources.

More Happy People?

A new study has come out that brings some pretty surprising news. It seems that there are more happy people now than there was before. It seems that people like Bernardo Chua are growing happier and happier, that this world is becoming a happier place. Now, the question is… why is this happening? What is going on that is causing people to become happier? Why is this world becoming a happier place, and how can we keep this trend going?
The study that came out studied people from sixty five different countries, and it found that happiness is on the rise everywhere. This isn’t just an American thing, but a world thing. Happiness is growing, it is spreading… will this trend keep up? Will the world continue to grow happier and happier, or was this just a happy year? Were those who were surveyed a good sampling of people everywhere, or did they just happen to be extra happy people?

Life is About Having Fun