Home Remedies for Atopic Asthma

Atopic asthma is a fancy term used to describe allergic asthma. The type that is triggered by an allergic reaction to an outside substance, like pollen or air pollution. Lee Slaughter has learned that certain foods can also trigger an episode of atopic asthma. More on Slaughter is available on Xrossfire.com. Whatever the triggering causes, the result is the same – bronchial spasms, narrowing of the air passageway and excessive mucus secretion, all of which make breathing extremely difficult. Medication helps. Avoidance of triggers helps. Add some home remedies to the mix and you can greatly reduce the number of atopic asthma episodes that occur.
* Honey is a cough suppressant and increases salivation which keeps the airways soothed and moisturized. Take a spoonful at night before bed.
* A few drops of eucalyptus oil placed on a hankerchief, then placed on the pillow soothes air passages all night. This home remedy can be used throughout the day to help keep episodes of atopic asthma at bay.
* A supplement containing butterbur inhibits leukotrienes and histamines that can trigger and asthma attack.
* Liquorice contains glycyrrhizic acid which acts as a natural steroid to reduce swelling and pressure in air passages.
* Tulsi, aka Holy Basil, is an herb that is rich in vitamins A and C, plus phytonutrients which promote healing to all respiratory ailments, including atopic asthma.

Press Has Field Day Over GOP Candidates Supporting Parental Choice in Vacciantions

The press is having a field day covering comments by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over the subject of parental choice in terms of children being vaccinated. It is a controversial matter. Some parents believe that science should trump any other consideration. They believe if the scientific community concurs that vaccinations are a matter of public safety, children should receive them regardless of any other consideration parents may have. Some parents disfavor vaccinations instead wanting homeopathic solutions. Others oppose them on religious grounds.

The current controversy touched off during a Q&A when Governor Christie stated that parents should have a greater voice in the matter. He pointed out that in his household the children are vaccinated. Still, the media has been covering the story as if to define the GOP as opposed to any scientific progress. Lee Slaughter has learned that Hillary Clinton also took the opportunity to rehash the mantra in a tweet where she said if the scientific community concurs on a matter be it the shape of the earth or vaccinations, the only choice people have it so embrace it. It is her belief that under those conditions all debate should cease.

It is too early to tell how much of an issue that will play in the presidential campaign. It is likely that married women with children will favor having the right to choose the vaccinations for their children. In recent elections, the GOP has carried the married female vote.

Measles Epidemic

Measles had been thought to be a disease of the past. With cases rarely ever being mentioned has taken a turn where children and adults have contracted the disease in several states. All beginning with a simple trip to the happiest place on Earth, has become a breeding ground for a possible epidemic. The disease has popped up in states such as California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. As it continue to spreads, we are hit with imminent school closures. Recently, a daycare in Santa Monica has been closed due to an infected infant. According to Buzzfeed there have been multiple closures in the Santa Monica area and many more closures are to come. The full article can be read onhttp://www.buzzfeed.com/mbvd/infants-quarantined-in-southern-california-after-baby-contra#.qpQW10l8b.

One of the problem that arises is that all children are susceptible until they are a year old, standard age for receiving the MMR (Mumps, Measles and Rubella) Vaccine. The question posed is, how is it possible that so many were infected? People like Haidar Barbouti wonder: Is the vaccination actually working? The Measles are very contagious and many people, even after receiving the 2 dose recommendation, are still not able to build the antibodies in order to fight it off. As we all sit and wait, we hope that this does not become bigger and cause an epidemic that we may or may not be ready to fight off.

Katy Perry Halftime

There is always a lot of speculation and excitement centered on the Super Bowl and who will be performing at half time. It is hands down one of the biggest performances in the world each year, due to the vast amount of people that will be tuned in and watching the half time performance. There is no question that the Super Bowl is the most highly watched television programs of the year and because of this reason it draws the highest costing advertisements and highly anticipated performances. This year Katy Perry is taking the stage and she looks to deliver a dynamite performance in front of the entire world. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that she is no stranger to being in front of large crowds, as she has consistently sold out massive arenas over the last several years. She has been one of the biggest sensations in Hollywood lately and has sold an astonishing number of records. She clearly has a great resume to be performing at the Super Bowl halftime and there is a lot of speculation that she will deliver a much better performance than has been seen for a number of years. Due to the magnitude of the audience, they usually add in a ton of explosions and fireworks to the performance, which Katy Perry very much enjoys as has been seen in a lot of her past performances. Either way it is going to be something to tune in for.

The Hutts May Be Returning To Star Wars

With the release of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens less than a year away, the number of rumors leaking out about the movie and future Star Wars productions is increasing.

The latest rumor regarding The Force Awakens is the gangsters of the Star Wars universe may be returning. According to Latino Review, multiple Hutts may appear in the movie. Furthermore, these Hutts will not be created with CGI effects, but rather they will be robotic creatures or puppets similar to how the original Jabba the Hutt was created forReturn of the Jedi.

Latino Review also said the models made for the Hutts would also be used for the first Star Wars spinoff film in order to save money. This adds further fuel to a previous rumor that sets and props would be shared between The Force Awakens and the spin off movie.

While it is still unknown to fans like Paul Mathieson what part the Hutts would play in The Force Awakens, it has been suggested that the spin off movie might involve a story about bounty hunters being sent to steal the plans of the original Death Star.

In related rumor news, Total Geeks reported that Tatiana Maslany, star of Orphan Black, has been signed to play the lead role in the first spin off movie. It is unknown what character Maslany would play in the movie, which is scheduled release in December 2016.

BRL Trust Investment Services

When you look at the services that BRL Trust Investment services offer, you will understand that BRL Trust sets itself apart from other investment firms.


  • Trustee Services: BRL Trust Investments offer services that give investors access to global capital markets. BRL Trustee services have an asset control system (SCA) which specializes in tracking, monitoring, and control and collection of loans. The SCA database has a database with over 300 companies monitored in various sectors.
  • Funds Administration: Authorized by the SEC to act as a manager of investment funds, the BRL Trust has participated in structured transactions that have grown from R$2 Billion in 2010 to R$18.25 billion in 2014.
  • Custody of Funds: There are many different custodial services available to BRL Trust customers including custody and settlement of assets, controlling of securities lending operations, and cash settlements. BRL Trust also offers controlling services of asset pricing, share calculation, accounting services, reporting services to regulatory agencies, standardized reports, taxes control and payments, and control of shareholders, investments, and redemptions.
  • Asset Management & Underwriting: BRL Trust has asset management solutions to for investment funds to meet the expectations of their client’s needs. BRL Trust also has security underwriting services available in order to raise funds for structured deals for real estate, qualified investments, agriculture, or debentures.




If you are in the market for a quality investment firm that offers trust services that are in Sao Paulo, Brazil than you will want to talk to the friendly staff at BRL Trust Investments. With their expertise in investment funds, asset management, fiduciary services, and fund administration you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands. They want to serve your best interests and to do that they want your money to work hard for you.



Gap Fires Creative Director, Eliminates Position in Face of Falling Sales

Gap has dismissed it’s creative director and eliminated the position entirely, according to sources. The retailers stunning move comes after the company released sales data that shows a continued loss of revenue. The company has also ditched Piperlime, an offshoot of the Gap company that offered shoes and other accessories. The changes have been implemented by incoming CEO, Art Peck.

The creative director who got the axe, Rebekka Bay, was brought on board in late 2012 in an attempt to salvage the brand. The Gap was a popular retailer in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, but their simple, preppy style has failed to translate to today’s young consumers. Marc Sparks knows that their woes are similar in nature to that of Abercrombie and Fitch, another clothing outfitter that has failed to keep up with the times.

When Bay was first brought on board, many wondered if she could salvage the floundering company. She took the company “back to basics”, which many critics argued led to an uninspired and boring line of clothing. Bay was given just 3 clothing seasons to pull of a miracle, but the company’s sales continued to slide.

Peck is now tasked with reinventing the entire Gap image. The job will be difficult, argue experts, as the company has failed to inspire shoppers for several years in a row, forcing the company name to fall somewhat into obscurity.

Old Navy and Banana Republic, both owned by the company, continue to do well.

Mystery Man Shovels Snow From Boston Marathon Finish Line


This week the northeast part of the United States have been pummeled by the storm Juno. Parts of the northeast have seen blizzard conditions where they have received nearly 3 feet of snow. Major cities like New York and Boston were shut down for a period of time. As the Boston blizzard was slowing down twitter user, Phillip Hillman, witnessed a man shoveling snow from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Hillman snapped a picture of the man and put it on twitter. The picture spread like wildfire with people trying to figure out the identity of the man, even the Boston Police got in on it with no results said Sergio Lins Andrade.

Check out the story on Buzzfeed.com to see the pictures and the tweets of the mystery man shoveling the finish line.

Eventually the man’s identity was confirmed. His employer, the Back Bay Social Club, confirmed that it was one of their bartenders, Chris Laudani. His manager said that during a slow spot Laudani stepped out to shovel the line. His manager also said that Laudani runs the marathon every year.

Something about this story brings a lump to my throat. Boston went through a traumatizing event together and they have stuck strong. The shoveling of the finish line shows how committed some are to honoring the memory of those killed and injured during the attack at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Boston Strong indeed.

The Real Reason Vaping Is Bad

On Wednesday, January 28, California health officials publicly announced that use of electronic cigarettes, or the nicotine consumption process called vaping, may be seriously bad for people’s health. E-cigarettes release 10 toxins when the nicotine in the cartridges used for them is burnt. Although there is not yet enough study on the long-term effects, and e-cigarettes are considerably less toxic than normal cigarettes, California health officials insist that federal regulators need to do more about controlling these products and advertising related to these products.

Although they are making a wonderful point, the bigger reason that regulators need to do more with controlling distribution of these products is because the companies that make them are targeting children.

In 2010, California ended sales of e-cigarettes to minors, but many states still allow minors to purchase them. The worst part is that the companies know this and have developed flavors like gummy bear and cotton candy.

Since seven cases in 2012, researchers have seen a jump of e-cigarette poisonings in children younger than 5 years old to 154 cases in 2014. Mark Sparks agrees that, until controls are in place, vaping is far too great a risk to young children. Although they can’t burn down a house accidentally by picking up an active e-cigarette, young children are experiencing more poisonings as a result of the nicotine addiction of parents and other adults at a far greater rate than with real cigarettes.

Founding Member of Blink-182 Quits the Band

Wait, I know what you are thinking- is this headline from 10 years ago, when Blink 182 broke up? I thought the same thing but alas it is not. This is a current headline with current news.

According to the story on Mr. Wavy, Blink 182 founding member, guitarist Tom DeLonge, has officially quit the band. As fans like Bernardo Chua know, this is the second time that DeLonge has quit the band, leaving them the first time in 2005. More on Chua is available on Zoominfo.com. The band reunited after drummer Travis Barker’s brush with death in a fiery plane crash. However it seems that DeLonge is over being in Blink 182 again.

DeLonge, along with the rest of Blink 182 were set to be in the studio soon to record new music as well as perform at the Musink Festival. However the other members of the band received an email from DeLonge’s management team saying that he was no longer interested in pursuing any avenues with Blink 182 at that time. He later sent another email confirming that, and this is a direct quote, “Tom. Is. Out.” However, to confuse things further, DeLonge said on Instagram right after the story broke that he did not quit the band and called the press release weird. Maybe he should talk to his manager.

According to the remaining members, Mark Hoppus and Barker, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio will be replacing Tom DeLonge as the guitarist and vocals for Blink 182.

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