Heathrow Airport Flights Interrupted Because of Computer Issues

Friday December 12th was not a good day to be flying in any plane into Heathrow Airport in London. London’s airspace was restricted most of the day due to computer failure. The airport announced there was a severe disruption, and they apologize for any inconvenience.

The initial problem is blamed on a technical issue that began in the Swanwick air control centre in the city of Hampshire. London airspace has not closed completely, but air traffic controllers have reduced the plane traffic in order to correct the situation.

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and they have announced that every possible action is being taken to correct the details that caused this malfunction. BRL Trust workers hope everything is under control sooner rather than later. Nonetheless, considerable delays are occurring, and many flights have been grounded today.

Departing flights from Stansted Airport, @STN_Airport, are currently suspended as techs continue to work diligently to restore the computer system.

NATS announced early Friday afternoon that the computer system has been restored, so suspended flights will begin to leave. Delays will continue throughout the day and possibly into the evening, but air controllers expect all operations to be back in operation within 24 hours.

BPA from Cans and Bottles is Bad for Health

New research is yet again raising concerns about heart health and a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA)– the chemical is used in the making of plastic bottles and packaging and also in the lining found in cans of food. This latest study shows that adults have and do have instant raises in blood pressure after consuming canned food or in this instance, canned soy milk. Researchers have long proved that over time BPA consumption is related to heart disease, but this is the first study to ever show an immediate correlation between one single use of BPA and negative health effects. My friend Vijay Eswaran immediately gave up plastic after reading this.
However, the most recent evidence is the result of randomized controlled trials of only 60 people. Experts also warn not to be fooled by ‘BPA-free’ labels, because other chemicals used in place of BPA can just as many, if not more, damaging health effects. Although organizations like the American Chemistry Council feel that BPA is safe, in 2010 Canadian regulators banned BPA usage in all children’s products. In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completely banned the use of BPA in the making of baby bottles and kids’ drinking cups.

Injectable 3-D vaccines could fight cancer, infectious diseases

Amazing news coming from Wyss Institute for Biological Inspired Engineering Institute at Harvard. If this report is true, and if everything it says can be easily done, then this is the end of cancer and HIV.

The report claims that scientists have figured out how inject bio-degradable micro 3-D vehicles, into the blood stream where they can go in loaded with chemical and drug components, ready to deliver them to immune cells, and fight cancer cells.

It has always been a big challenge, to treat such diseases, therapies meant to treat cancer, end up attacking health cells, and this in turn hurts the patients immunity further.

In the research, Dr David Mooney, Ph.D. at Wyss IBIE in Harvard, together with his co-authors, mostly PhD Students, found that these silica-made 3-D nano-vehicles could attract dendritic cells, induce them to build the disease fighting ability, dispatch them, where they head to the lymph nodes, where they instigated a large scale immune response. This immune response quickly fought out the diseased cells, which Dave and Brit Morin can’t really complain about.

The truth is, if the findings hold tru for human trials, the treatments procedure, which is less invasive, will easily prove crucial in treating viral and cell diseases like HIV, Ebola, Hep C and Cancers.


When my friend Army veteran John Russo turned on his computer to catch up on all his John Textor tech crunches and techie LinkedIn buzz, he  he never thought he would see her again. You see, when Russo enlisted four years earlier, he left his dog, Bones, in the care of his then girlfriend. When the couple broke up Russo assumed that the ex- girlfriend would want to keep Bones.

Now fast forward a couple of years. Russo had just retired from the Army, gotten his own place, and was thinking of getting a four legged companion when he saw Bones’ picture on the local Animal shelter website. Russo called the shelter and found out that his ex-girlfriend had brought Bones to the shelter in September stating that she could no longer care for Bones.

When Russo arrived at the shelter, he wondered if Bones would even remember him after four years. Bones took one look at the Russo and started barking and running in circles.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Debuts New Eye Popping Teaser Trailer

Businessman Igor Cornelsen states that in the world of science fiction there are a ton of legendary characters, and several are getting new movies to capitalize on the super hero and comic book crossovers that have been popping up on the big screen lately. The upcoming “Mad Max: Fury Road” just released a teaser trailer that pays homage to the roots of the franchise and still manages to bring a fresh take to the storied character. In any event, the latest trailer brings a particularly gritty look at the potential reboot.

Due to be released on May 15, 2015 the post-apocalyptic vision of the creators is on full display in the clip. The lead actors in the new film, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron look completely comfortable in the roles, which could lead to a few more films under the Mad Max umbrella. Keeping with the feel of the previous films, which involves cars, sand, and a whole lot of interesting looking people, the latest entry into the series promises to have plenty of adrenaline popping moments.

Whether or not the new movie will find a footing with an audience on that particular release date is a big question as well, because the new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie debuts a few weeks prior.

Lowell Police Hand Out Gifts Instead of Tickets

With so much bad press recently in the news involving police officers, it is nice to see some positive stories to help renew faith in the department and the community. In Lowell, Michigan, officers began pulling over vehicles that were performing minor traffic violations they usually do not cite people for. During routine questioning, the officer would slip in the good old question, “What do you want for Christmas?” After innocently making their Christmas wish to an officer, a nearby Meijer store eavesdropping via radio, would grab the wished for item, wrap it, and send it to the officer within 15 minutes. The mixed reactions of the drivers once they were presented with, well, their present has helped the video go viral. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlnxajQrL8w

After getting the idea to lighten some days, the Police Chief in correlation with the Christian-based television network and with the sponsorship support of Amen Clinic  filmed the secret Santa exchange as a promotion for a Christmas project they call “Uplift Someone Christmas Initiave”.

Two Famous Scream Queens Come to TV

I was shopping Qnet when I got this alert. The new television program Scream Queens is going to feature two very well known stars. Both of whom were, not surprisingly, scream queens in different eras.


Scream Queens is slated to be an anthology series and it is being brought to the small screen by Ryan Murphy, the producer of American Horror Story.

The term “scream queens” refers to a leading lady in a horror film. The female lead in horror movies usually spends a lot of time screaming, right before killing off the bad guy at the film’s conclusion.

Jamie Lee Curtis was the star of the seminal horror film Halloween (1978) and Emma Roberts appeared in Scream 4. Scream was a parody of Halloween and other horror films of the 1970’s and 80’s, but the parody still had its scary moments.

Not much is known about Scream Queens. Even though the name has a tinge of humor to it, the project is being described as a drama. Well, drama might not be the right term. Perhaps it is a dark-fantasy melodrama.  The first episode is not going to air for another year so more details are surely to emerge over time.

Considering the success of more serious, adult-themed horror outings, it is doubtful this project will be campy or anything less than very scary.

Rothman Remains Raging Force in Entertainment Scene

With box office heavy weights like “Avatar” and “Titanic” under his belt, American film executive Tom Rothman has a long track record of leading the way for the creation highly successful films.

Those two movies, the all-time highest grossing silver screen productions, are just the tip of the iceberg for the Maryland-born Rothman, who has come a long way since he started his professional life as an English teacher and varsity soccer coach.

These days Rothman is the chairman for a new undertaking involving Sony Pictures, where he will lead the charge to make movies and television shows under TriStar, a partnership dubbed TriStar Productions. Judging from Rothman’s past career successes, Rothman’s new role brings an element of exciting promise to this fledgling joint venture.

The 1976 Brown University graduate completed his education at Columbia Law School in 1980, where he earned the highest academic honor as a James Kent Scholar. Rothman then brought that work ethic to the United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit as a law clerk in 1981.

Rothman went on to spend four years as a lawyer with the entertainment law firm Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, marking the beginning of his decades-long association with the movie and television industries.

By 1986 Rothman had co-produced the critically acclaimed “Candy Mountain” with Robert Frank and the black-and-white independent film, “Down By Law” with Jim Jarmusch. A year later, Rothman was named Executive Vice President of Columbia Pictures, where he managed all sides of movie production. By 1989 Rothman moved on to Worldwide Production for the Samuel Goldwyn Company, where he took the lead in the creation of widely recognized independent films like “Henry V,” “Longtime Companion” and “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Over the years Rothman also helped jump start the careers of some well-known filmmakers including Anthony Minghella, who won an Academy Award for Best Director as a result of “The English Patient,” and Kenneth Branagh, who wrote, directed and starred in the adaptation of “Henry V.”

In 1994 Rothman started his 18-year career with Fox, having founded Fox Searchlight and serving as president of the up-and-coming film production outfit. Rothman remained in leadership positions during his time there, having served with Jim Gianopulos as chairman and chief executive officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment until he left the company in late 2012.

Rothman’s run at Fox brought the company the most favorable profit margins of any film studio – movies made under the Fox banner brought in about $30 billion at the box office.

Some of the films produced during Rothman’s tenure include “Cast Away,” “Black Swan” and “Walk the Line,” and he brought television audiences shows such as “Modern Family” and “Glee.”

Steven Spielberg selected Rothman to produce one of his latest works, “Robopocalypse.” One of his other upcoming projects is an untitled 2015 film starring Meryl Streep and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

How to Trigger Constructive Debates at Work

Tom Rothman, head of TriStar Pictures, states that managerial work involves many different aspects of business, but perhaps none are quite as important as maintaining a proper and efficient work environment.

Being a manager or team leader often brings you into the situations where you have to gather your coworkers at a table for a brainstorming. The perfect lovely atmosphere when everyone agrees and walks away being okay with the same idea sounds peaceful, but is unproductive, thus no real leader wishes for that. 

Therefore, idea clashes have to be encouraged. But one must be skilled when moderating this type of discussion at work. Making one member feel isolated or disagreed with can only discourage the others. 

‘Respect’ is the keyword and the secret to having a healthy brainstorming at work. Able leaders know how to turn a discussion to a good lane, and squeeze ideas out of their employees without triggering conflicts. 

Making everyone feel important in the discussion is the correct option here. Even if one of the employees said nothing precious, make them feel good about the discussion and the results.

Of course, you need the people with skills and specialisation, able to produce ideas and defend them, hence ‘knowledge’ and ‘respect’ are the ingredients to mix in the daily activity at work.

The Man Behind The Lens of My Favorite Celebs: Terry Richardson

I first learned about Terry Richardson on Twitter, when I saw Lady Gaga retweet his account.

Then I was checking out some of his music videos on Vimeo, and I realized that I’d already seen a lot of this guy’s work.  That even prompted me to buy one of his books, because, as it turns out, he’s a really brilliant photographer.

Terry Richardson, who is 49 years old, is a famous and well known photographer all over the world. He was born and raised in New York. He came from a creative family with his mother being an actress and his father, a fashion photographer.

He first started out with a career in music. He played the guitar and played in numerous bands over the years in New York. During this time, he was given his first camera by his mother. He used his camera to take numerous pictures of life in New York and of the rock and roll night life of New York City. His career in photography began in the mid 90’s in New York.

He soon got his first big break to do a fashion shoot. Then as he did more photo shoots and started taking more pictures, he began to develop a reputation for taking pictures in very sexual and provocative ways. His career started taking off.

As the years went by, his career grew bigger and bigger. He soon found he was getting opportunities to photograph famous and controversial actors, musicians, Hollywood entertainers, and some of the most beautiful models in the world.

This eventually pushed him into the big leagues. He was getting hired by famous designers to do their photo shoots, advertising, and commercials. He was doing photo shoots for magazines ads, and even got the opportunity to take photos of the President.

As he became more famous, everyone seemed to be talking about him. His name seemed to be mentioned all over Hollywood, New York, and Europe. Not just for his great work, but for his reputation for his sexual and erotic books, but for his erotic and risqué photos. He was however also recognized for having an eye for getting great shots from the people he takes pictures of, even with the unusual and erotic sexual poses and situations.

His next projects was arts exhibits. He had done a lot of art work and his artwork has been in many showings over a span of many years.
He has written several books that did very well in the book publishing world. They have sold very well, although they all had the common thread of sexuality in each one, including partial and front nudity. One of his books even showed pictures of sexual acts in various positions and doing lots of various things. They have been very controversial but very successful.

He has been directing videos since late 1998 -1999. Most of hid directorial works were not that well known or famous until the last couple of years. Some of his most recent and famous work that is most known by people in the would be the video of Miley Cyrus’s “wrecking ball.” It was highly controversial and questionable because of her young age. It did bring a lot of attention and much discussion to his directorial work. He also has done famous videos for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga as well as a documentary on Lada Gaga and R. Kelly, and a video for Taylor Swift. He is also responsible for the famous video of Kate Upton dancing in her bikini that was all over the internet.

He also had done a lot of photo shoots for Playboy and is currently working on a Playboy shoot that will be one hundred pages long and is set to come out in mid 2015.

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