Meet Lori Senecal-the Former Global President of CP+B

Lori Senecal has an indisputable reputation of robust personality, adverting and marketing knowledge. She is a pioneer in the sector of developing innovative advertising techniques. Senecal has majored in innovative technology solutions that are meant to solve business problems. Her proficiency in the advertising industry prompted her to be chosen as a Global CEO of Crispin Porter +Bogusky (CP+B). She also worked with Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS) in a capacity of Global Executive Chairman. She is known to be a person who never stays in a comfort zone, which is key to her success. At Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal she propelled expansion of the company’s global vision, and her work ethics saw the company grow significantly.



According to Campaignlive, Senecal took the position as global CEO OF MDC Partners agency CP+B in March 2015, the first time when this role got introduced in the agency. She was responsible for overseeing CP+B’s worldwide development, growth, and expansion, managing the coordination of the company’s ten international offices and laying the focus on the agency’s increasing global development. From the time she joined the agency, Lori Senecal has contributed substantially to business and culture of CP+B offering a platform of up to date global agency characterized by the invention, agile and collaboration providing consistency Globally with robust local market innovation.



Under her management, the exemplary leadership and high regard for talent have propelled the agency’s entrepreneurship spirit which resulted to CP+B being recognized by Advertising Age in competition with other “Creativity Innovators of the Year” for the year 2017. Lori was honored to be among the number of four “Agency Executives to watch” in 2016. Also, she was recognized consecutively to feature in AdWeek’s power 100 List for the previous two years of rewarding the top leaders in the media industry, marketing and technology. Recently, Fast Company recognized Lori as a leader committed to revolutionizing the future of business which leads her to spot in the Most Creativity Innovators of the Year” in 2017.



Lori earned her degree from the McGill University. Before joining KBS, Lori served as President of flagship New York office of McCann Erickson, and prior to that, she was a Global Chief Innovation Officer for the firm of McCann World group. Follow her Twitter account.


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George Soros Background and What Motivated Him

George Soros is the most richest hedge fund manager across the globe and has been on the frontline mentoring so many people attain their trade dreams. He is believed to have made a lot of income trading British Pound. In fact, there were times the great Soros could earn more than one billion dollars daily. George was born in the year 1930 by a humble family in the Kingdom of Hungary. His parents were Jews living in Hungary, and at times they face a lot of problems while living in that country. Interestingly, they were not proud to be called jews. They even had to change their family’s name to Soros from Schwartz who had so many meanings. He is currently a very successful man who is top 19 richest people in the world despite his huge donations and read full article.

George Soros was only 13 years when Nazi Germany relocated to Hungary and started attacking the jews. They stopped students from attending schools and also many problems in return. George Soros worked tirelessly for his success, but they had problems going to schools because of the wars. In fact, the children were being told to report to the Jewish council. That was serious until Tivadar purchased documents that lied to people that they were Christians. It was a very wise strategy, and Soros continued attending schools. In 1944, one of the most furious  famous war began. It was called siege of Budapest. Over 500,000 lost their lives to the door to door operation. During that time, his father who had some knowledge about the change of identity could help so many people change their identity.

As a result of these wars and instability, Soros was able to understand the benefits a country has when the abhor democracy, accountability justice equality and so many other values. He has therefore established several organizations that he uses to help people across the World. Soros has far been able to donate more than $18 billion in his philanthropic ministry. His love and passion for helping other people are always on the rise.

George Soros ability was boosted by the skills he acquired at the school in London. He studied bachelors of science in Philosophy and used to develop several theories. He graduated with a masters degree in Philosophy in the year 1954 and later relocated to the US in 1956 to start his businesses. He established Quantum Fund in the year 1973 which initially was called Soros Fund management. So many people have invested in the company, and they always believe in the success of the great company. Before joining Soros, he had established Double Edge together with other investors whereby he resigned citing conflict of interest and learn more about George Soros. George Soros had also worked as Europen Stock analyst at Wertheim and Co, Singer and Friedlander and many other companies whereby he even held senior positions.During his time as an employee, he dealt directly with great forest traders across the globe. He learned so many trading strategies, and he keeps on doing well.

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Lifeline Screening Important Tips to Prepare for Health Screening

It is crucial that people take care of their health and visit their family physician on periodic intervals even if they do not feel the need for it. Regular body check-ups are essential to know how your health is doing and whether there are any health-related concerns or symptoms that you should be worried about. Most of the doctors these days ask their clients to go for regular health screenings as per their lifestyle and habits as well as genetic history. It helps in analyzing if there are health conditions that may surface in the future or if there are any preventive measures that must be taken to avoid any disease or health issues to crop up.

Lifeline Screenings is one of the most trusted and credible names in the health and medical industry when it comes to health screenings. The company has conducted over a million health screenings till date and the count continue to increase at a rapid pace. The company provides its services in the United Kingdom as well as in the United States. It was founded in 1993 and currently, has expanded its network vastly to become one of the leading health screening service providers in the country. As the lifestyles of the people continue to deteriorate and the health and food habits remain imbalanced, regular screenings become essential to check any discrepancies at the right time before it’s too late.

If you are scheduled to go for a health screening at Lifeline Screenings, you need to make sure you wear light clothes that are not multi-layered. Also, women must not wear pantyhose and patients are barred from putting on any lotion or oil on their body before the screening. In some cases, the patients are required to fast for 12 hours before the screening is done to get accurate readings, which the clinic’s representative would let you know in advance. In other types of testing where you can have a meal before the screening, make sure to avoid a heavy or gassy meal. Also, keep your phone off and take off your watch or better more, don’t wear a watch when going for the screening to lessen the hassle for you and the clinic staff.

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“The Osteo Relief Institute: Providing Innovative Healing & Hope For Arthritis sufferer’s!”

Arthritis is a disease that can devastate the lives who suffer from the painful degradation it brings to their bodies. It’s important to understand that arthritis can actually affect many areas of the body, some forms more degenerative than others. Arthritis is currently the foremost cause of not only incapacity, but pain as well. With over 100 known varieties that inflict the body, it’s a wonder why it’s not on the priority list like cancer. According to statistics, 50 million citizens suffer from arthritis. Learn more about the location at

Osteoporosis is one of the more common forms of the disease and its ravaging affects are the breakdown of bone mass and cartilage, which leaves it highly susceptible to breaking. After a period of time, as the bone deteriorates, it can fracture even without vigorous activity. This is because as the deterioration is occurring in the cartilage, the friction of bone on bone will induce pain and inflammation. The joints then don’t have the capacity to operate or fight the swelling without the cartilage or lubrication. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to help slow the acceleration of Osteoporosis. The following is an Osteo Relief Institute guideline to stave off arthritis’s harmful effects.

1.Shed any excess weight.

2.Exercise daily to keep joints lubricated. Low-impact is ideal, such as swimming.

3.Stretch out right before bed to encourage less soreness in the morning.

4.Don’t sit for any more than 30 min.

5.Don’t smoke as this is proven to impair muscle tissue.


Finding a well-educated DR. who is up to date on all of the latest technologies and discoveries is absolutely imperative to managing any form of arthritis. The Osteo-Relief Institute has a long track record of certified doctors helping people overcome osteoporosis with both surgical and non-invasive procedures. The BBB has rated the Osteo Relief Institute with an A+. The Osteo Relief institute treats people like family, understanding how difficult it can be to cope with this degenerative disease. They are found in locations all over the state and making a consultation with their friendly staff is just a phone call away. Learn more about Osteo Relief Institute at Better Business Bureau.

Agora Financial Providing Financial Analysis to Investors for Making Smart Investment Choices

Agora Financial is one of the leading financial publication houses in the United States and has a huge subscriber base of over a million readers. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and has a team of financial experts providing their inputs on what would be the future financial trends. Agora Financial helps the people know when to invest and on what economic tool to invest to make the most of their investments and get considerable returns. Over the years, Agora Financial has been able to predict many market financial trends successfully, which led to its customers making sound investments and pull out from their investments to avoid risks and losses.

Profound financial insights provided by Agora Financial helps the customers to understand which investment options to invest in and which investment tools to stay away from. Agora Financial has a system in place to ensure that they can predict the market trends and make financial forecasts with high accuracy. It is what helps the investors to gain the trust in the company and has helped Agora Financial get the market reputation it enjoys today. Agora Financial has been able to make its customers considerable profits by providing accurate financial analysis of not only one single market, but that of global financial markets.

To make sound investments, one has to keep monitoring the global markets as every equity market on the market is interlinked. Agora Financial and its experts ensure that they remain a watch on every move made in the market and provide predictions that help its readers to know which industry is moving ahead, and which industry is slowing down. Just making investments is not enough as one also has to keep track of their finances and see if it is moving in the right direction or not. And, Agora Financial helps its readers in keeping up with the fast-changing financial markets and more information click here.

Great Blends of EOS Lip Balm

EOS has long prided themselves on creating novel and innovative lip balms for an audience of users who are willing to pay a bit more for a higher quality product. EOS lip balms therefore contain ingredients that, quite simply, work better, last longer, and have better flavors than competing products

There are several reasons why the flavors that EOS sells have better flavors than the competition. For one, EOS doesn’t use artificial ingredients in their lip balms which can lead to many of the off flavors that use complain about. In addition, all-natural ingredients just taste better than the competition. Finally, EOS is very creative in designing flavors that are unique and varied and a far world from the standard bland choices that other lip balm makers sell.

As an example, EOS has created some pretty wild and out their lip balms that have been well received. An example of this is blueberry acai which bends the unique flavor of acai with its antioxidants and tropical flavor, with the more familiar blueberry. See this flavored lip balm here on This ends up resulting in a great and unique belnd between two disparate fruit flavors that blend into a complex and deep lip balm.

Another clever combination is honeysuckle honeydew. Blending fruit and floral flavors is something that is simply not done because it is challenging to create a unique combination. Both of these flavors are mild in flavor and not overwhelming. This presents another challenge as it is common for one flavor to overwhelm the other. With Honeysuckle honeydew this doesn’t happen and what is left is a great and unique blend of lip balm that is enticing.

Pomegranate raspberry is yet another blend that you may not think would work well, but it is an incredible blend. EOS lip balm has married these two rich and vibrant flavors into a cocktail that is exciting to apply and has an pungent and flavorful blend that awakens the senses.

EOS has long created clever blends of lip balms to satisfy the needs of users. Their line of lip balms includes the aforementioned flavors that are unique and risqué, but oh so satisfying.

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Things Every Educator Should Know, by Rocketship Education President Preston Smith

Rocketship Education is a group of public charter schools located in four states throughout America. The network was founded in 2007 in San Francisco’s Bay Area, bestowing a great deal of innovativeness to the organization upon birth. John Danner and Preston Smith created RSED, the initialism for Rocketship Education, with an idea in mind to serve low-income areas with quality instruction, particularly with personalized education plans.

Danner’s long history with technology allowed him to mold software and learning systems to that of Rocketship Education, unarguably a pioneer in the field of individualized learning. Preston Smith taught for several years in San Jose, and even served as principal at a school he founded just three years after graduating college.

Throughout the first decade of operation at Rocketship Education, Smith was privy to countless lessons regarding education and pedagogical method application. Earlier this year, in August, he shared some of these lessons with the Internet.

People involved with public schools shouldn’t write off their status as public institutions. While it’s true private schools – really any that aren’t public – are largely better than their public counterparts, there are always exceptions to this rule. Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations are certainly exceptions. Whether one is involved with the top-notch facilities of RSED or a bottom-tier public school, that person should be more than proud of going to school for free, rather than writing the institutions off.

Administrators shouldn’t be afraid of calling back plans they’ve had at schools. Preston Smith had experienced with this after developing a means of education called the flex model. Not every pilot school did well, although a few of them performed exceptionally well. However, Smith felt it was important for every RSED location to utilize the flex model well, recalling the flex model at every location, even though it took tons of time to develop.

Teachers should be flexible in their methods of instruction. Parents give feedback to administrators on a weekly basis. As such, teachers are expected to change how they communicate with children if even one child isn’t learning very well. It’s more important to have a flexible teacher than one with decades of experience.

Nick Vertucci’s Journey to Success

Nick Vertucci is the CEO and founder of NV real estate Academy (NVREA). The Academy is aimed at mentoring, offering knowledge, and giving assets that are of great importance for those planning to indulge into the real estate business. Nick applies all the tactics he used during his startup to train the students who enroll in the program. Most people who have gone through the firm have magnified their incomes in the real estate business and changed their lives completely.


`How your past has been should not be a stepping stone for your future`. Nick Vertucci is a real definition of this philosophy. Nick led a comfortable though not so well off early life. But things took a wrong turn when he lost his father at the age of 10. His mother was left as the sole breadwinner for the family forcing her to work long into the day to sustain Nick and the other kids.


When he was 18, Nick Vertucci had to lead an independent life. He was forced engage in odd jobs just to make ends meet and at least support the mother in sustaining his siblings. He saved whatever extra coins he got till he was able to set up a computer store. Like every other entrepreneur, Nick enjoyed the freedom coming along with being his boss and at that time he was even able to start up a family. Things were good for the businessman up until 2000 when he lost all his finances to the dot-com crash.


This unexpected crash was of great effect to his income flow and saving leading him deep into debts that almost claimed his home. It is during the tumultuous time that a pal invited Nick Vertucci to a three-day seminar on real estate which turned out to be the best decision of his life. He listened through the forum and absorbed all the information about the industry even those he couldn’t understand. It took him over a decade to get all that it took to be a guru in the sector and eventually he was able to create a real estate empire and mentorship firm worth millions.


His business is important to clients who are in need of rehabilitating, purchasing or reselling their property. He believes that the support obtained from NV real estate Academy comes a long way in building great investors in the real estate field. More to that, the firm trains its students on proper asset protection policies, best resale timings, and commercial investment. He works with a team of like-minded individuals who come a long way in helping aspiring real estate investors.

NFL Joins Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases that people can be faced with. It is so devastating that a lot of experts are coming up with as many possible treatments they can so that they can not only minimize the damages of cancer, but find better ways of treating disease. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is not only trying to come up with all of the different methods for treating cancer but it is also spreading awareness of the topic so that more experts are going to make efforts to come up with solutions to the cancer problems.

Among the companies that have joined the fight against cancer is the NFL. One of the reasons that the NFL has joined in the fight is that there are tons of different types of cancer that can affect men. While one of the most talked about forms of cancer is breast cancer, there is a common form of cancer that is devastating among men. This form of cancer is prostate cancer. One of the reasons that NFL has joined Cancer Treatment Centers of America is so that they can spread awareness of prostate cancer and educate people on what it is and how it can be treated.

One of the methods that Cancer Treatment Centers of America and other entities involved in cancer fighting is pushing is getting screenings. One of the reasons that people should get regular screenings of cancer is because cancer is often in the body long before detection without screening. Therefore, the best thing to do is get a screening with the best available equipment so that the cancer can be caught before it causes too much damage in the system. If the cancer can be caught and taken care of, then the patient will be able to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

The Education and Career Achievements of Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus

To understand how Securus became the leading company in the prison technology industry, you would first have to understand its leadership. Besides, no company can succeed if it does not have the right leaders. For Securus, that person is Richard. A. Smith.

  1. A. Smith, or as commonly known by his peers, Rick Smith is the CEO and chairman of Securus. He joined the company in the year 2008 and was made CEO. A few years on, due to his achievements in the company, the board of directors decided to appoint him to be the Chairman.

It is not only in Securus where Rick Smith has gone and turned things around. He is known to have helped ESchelon Inc. improve its revenues from $30 to $350 in the 9 years that he was working for the company. He joined the company in the year 1998 as the Chief Financial Officer. One year later he was promoted to Chief Operations Officer. The following year, his bosses felt that he would do great things as the president of the company so they awarded him the position. His promotions didn’t end there as three years later he was again promoted to be the CEO of the company, a position that he assumed until the year 2007 when he left the company.

Prior to joining Eschelon, Rick Smith worked for Frontier Corp, formerly known as Global Crossing. He was with the company since the year 1972 to the year 1998. During those years he rose through the ranks from controller to become vice president of financial planning. Before becoming the VP of financial planning, Rick Smith held other positions including head of IT, director of marketing development, director of Midwest telephone operations and Chief Information Officer.His impressive career background, particularly in the technology industry, is what made Rick Smith the perfect candidate for the CEO of Securus position. But, that is not all that made him the excellent choice. His education background also had something to do with his being appointed.

Rick Smith holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, which he obtained from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree which he obtained from the New York based State University. Other than that, Rick Smith holds two masters degrees. One is in Mathematics, obtained from the Brockport based State University. The other master’s degree is in Business Administration and was acquired from the University of Rochester.With the knowledge obtained from both education and career experiences, Rick Smith has been able to get Securus to a point where it develops two technology products every two weeks.

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